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Looking to get Lean? Looking to get Strong?
Our Bootcamp Classes are like no other.

Strength training is hands down the number one way to change your body composition and LOSE BODY FAT.

We have designed our Bootcamp classes to help you achieve your goals without getting bored, getting stuck without results, or feeling like an outsider (because we know that’s what happens at many gyms).

Our Bootcamp classes are 40 – 45 minutes of work time done in stations, circuit style (with a few different formats that we rotate regularly). There is an instructor at every class who will help with form and safety, and all levels are welcome to attend.

Exercises you might find at Bootcamp can include all variations of squats, lunges, push-ups, pull ups, kettlebell swings, battle ropes, slam ball throws, and much more. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned exerciser you will be at home with our Bootcamp class.

PLUS…. You can attend any Bootcamp class on the schedule at any location!

Master Schedule


New to The Fitness Asylum?
Try us out and see if our Bootcamp classes are a great fit for you and
your goals. (we think so- but we want you to check it all out, the class structure, the music,
the team and the community)

20 Days for $20 – Intro Offer for 2020!

20 Days unlimited Bootcamp Classes for $20

*Please note Intro packages can be purchased as a MA resident only. Anyone visiting from out of town can purchase 1 single session at $20.
New Client Intro



Our MOST popular option and the best bang for your buck (we know for a fact you will NOT find a deal like this anywhere else).


This is the TWELVE MONTHS commitment option for the UNLIMITED Bootcamp Pass monthly.

You are agreeing to a ONE YEAR contract – and after the twelve months this goes to month to month recurring payment.

After the twelve months if you wish to terminate- we require a 30 day written notice for cancellation

12 Month Unlimited
This is the THREE MONTH contract option for the UNLIMITED BOOTCAMP PASSES.

You are agreeing to a contract of a minimum of 3 month commitment- and after the three months this goes to month to month recurring payment.

After the three months if you wish to terminate- we require a 30-day written notice for cancellation.

3 Month Unlimited

Note that this option has no contract attached to it.

1 Month Unlimited

Want your Unlimited Bootcamps at an even more discounted rate? No monthly deductions just 1 payment up front.
This is our best rate of $99 for the month.
*There are no refunds on these.

1 Year Unlimited

Benefits of AUTO PAY:

1) Less headaches and frustration for clients to renew packages, sign up for classes, or have expiration dates that need to be changed. You can spend more time working out than worrying about your account.

2) Auto Pay of 3 and 12 Months will get you DISCOUNTED MEMBER Pricing on our Transformation Programs

3) Auto Pay of 12 months gets you 10% off EVERY SINGLE Specialty Class you sign up for.

4) Auto Pay is the Best VALUE versus $20 a bootcamp at the Drop In rate.

Looking for a NON Auto Pay Option?

Buy a 12 Pack of Bootcamps for $189 (3 Month Expiration Date)
*Please note you will not be eligible for “member perks” with this package, but it is perfect
if you come to class 1x / week.
This pass is activated upon purchase and is valid for three months from that date.
12 Pack
Bootcamp Pass


This is a auto pay that will be billed same day each month.

This is a three month commitment- at which point the membership will move month to month and require a 30 Day notice for cancellation.

If you do not wish for it to move to a month to month- a notice must be given 30 days prior to the 3rd billing period.

Youth Membership 3 Month

$79 Non Renewing Monthly Option

Youth 1 Month Unlimited Bootcamps


– These options are for clients ages 12-23 years old
– Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent during class.
– Clients 18-22 will be required to present an ACTIVE Student ID at class sign in.

Check out our Specialty Classes for other workout options like Boxing, Kettlebells, Strikefit and many others.

If you are new to The Fitness Asylum, please fill out the Online Waiver prior to your class.

Questions on the best choice for you? Call us at 508-826-5414 or email