Veronica Mueller | The Fitness Asylum

Veronica Mueller

I have been into fitness my whole life.

Both my parents have always been into fitness. My dad was a bodybuilder and I always looked up to him and his dedication.

I have always dreamt about entering a bikini competition but seriously thought I could never do it.

I have not always been into dieting. I grew up a chunky kid and must say I am still truly traumatized by the bullying I received in elementary school.
When I started middle and high school I started to thin out and got more into fitness. I exercised all the time but ate whatever I wanted.

When I got to college I continued to exercise but again, I ate (and drank) whatever the heck I wanted. I started to see the negative changes in my body and
wanted to find a healthier lifestyle but I really had no idea how.

It has been two years since I graduated from college and I knew it was time to take this leap and join the Bikini and Physique Competition Team at The Fitness Asylum.

I joined the team and had the amazing Bonnie Lefrak as my coach. I learned more about my body and relationship with food than I ever thought I could.

I am so thankful for this journey and it has completely changed the way I eat as well as exercise.
Although I didn’t get to hit the stage this season I will never look back and I will for sure be competing in the future.

Thank you to Bonnie for helping me stay on track and motivating me through the entire prep which happened to include a worldwide pandemic.

Thank you to my mom, my sister, my boyfriend, and my brother-in-law for dealing with my ever-changing emotions and sticking by my side throughout the past 21 weeks.

Thank you to my dad as well, who is unfortunately no longer with us but I know he is looking down smiling and beyond proud of my progress.

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