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Tara Patterson

Long post here. Another chapter in my fitness journey is done. While my journey started in Jan 2016, my hardest both physically and mentally started on 1/27/2020.

I decided last year that I was ready to completely get out of my comfort zone and prep and compete in my first Bikini Challenge this spring.

Before, I thought people that did these were crazy and I could never get the guts to stand on stage in a tiny blinged out bikini, 5” heels, makeup etc.
For those who really know me, I don’t wear heels, makeup or do really anything.
But, I was determined to do this.

This process, which turned out to be 21 week was strict dieting, lots of workouts and hundreds of miles of walking (very little running was part of the plan if your coach agreed).

During this process, I had so many doubts that I could do this.

Only 6 weeks in, all the gyms closed. How would I ever workout with no gym? Well now I had to work out at home. I am very grateful there were so many at home options.
I had the best coach for this prep. When she told me in early April what my end weight would be. I thought she was crazy.

During my weekly check-ins with my coach, there were many times she had to talk me off the ledge. Each week as part of our check-in, we had to send pictures.
So many weeks, I didn’t want to hit send. But again my coach was amazing. We were told, follow the plan and trust the process. I had so many doubts even up until this Sunday.

But they were right about everything Pam Martin thank you so much for being my coach.

With Covid, the original show of 5/30, was rescheduled to 6/20. My first thought was OH MY GOD, I have to do this for 3 more weeks. But I didn’t have to, I chose to.
Then we got the bad news two weeks ago, there would be no show. At first, I was done right then and was going to eat my face off.

But we were told we could still get all done up, wear our bikinis for photos. After all the work I was doing was there show or no show.
So, I was then excited knowing on 6/20, all my hard work and sacrifices would pay off. I had no idea how much.

So, yesterday, I did my hair, got my makeup done and had photos taken.

By far, one of the best feelings ever. It made the past 5 months worth every minute. I will do this again for sure.

Below is my pic from day 1 (1/27) and then my after (21 weeks later 6/20). I still cannot believe that is me.

Bonnie Lefrak, thank you so much for creating this program and always keeping it real.

To my friends and family who knew what I was doing, thank you for being so supportive (even though you thought I was crazy. LOL)

A HUGE thank you to my supportive husband. Dave Kupfrian you support me in anything I decide to do. Without you, I could never have done this.
I know I wasn’t always pleasant during this process. I am so grateful for you.

No matter what goal you set for yourself, give it 100% and you will achieve it.

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