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Sue Troccolo

I joined FA for the holiday challenge a year ago. ( 2014) my very first time at FA. At that time I had some weight to loose, strength to gain and to put myself first. I continued on thru 2 challenges, and grew to love boot camps, and the process!
I decided I needed to further challenge myself and jump with both feet completely out of my comfort zone! I joined my first bikini challenge, at 53, never being on stage let alone walking in 5 inch heels!
Well… I did it!! I lost 18 lbs with the bikini challenge, and gained strength both physical and mental! I was so proud of myself for pushing to do something I honestly never thought I could! I loved the whole process, the amazing women I have meet, and the support and guidance has been unmeasurable!!
Thank you FA and Bonnie LeFrak! You have no idea how happy and honored I am to be a part of FA!! ❤️

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