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Sonja Trask

Wow it’s so hard to put into words what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s days after my fourth stage competition experience and I’m so happy, so satisfied and so excited to see where this journey takes me. Joining the Fitness Asylum almost two years ago at my heaviest weight I was discouraged but willing to try something different. A new way of working out, a new way of eating. What I was doing on my own wasn’t working. I expected a good workout. I expected to keep coming back. I knew I had to pull back on the junk food and drive-thrus and kick the habit of convenience and compulsive eating.

However, I did not expect an amazing group of friends to come out of this, or ever to compete on stage in a bikini and heels. Ever. Last Spring, I joined the bikini challenge not having a clue what I was doing. I had never worn heels in my life. I owned a few bikinis but never walked around proudly in them, never mind on stage to be judged. Leigha taught me how to walk, how to pose and made my first suit. I had the the time of my life during prep, in bootcamps and specialty classes and competed again this year. Now down 35 pounds, more confident in my heels, another series of amazing posing classes with Leigha and a beautiful community of friends helping me, supporting me and holding me accountable, helps me to one that I can really do anything. The diet was much harder the second time around but I truly did my best. I felt good, looked good and became stronger.

A huge thank you to my instructors, Angelica, Gail, Dion, Kristie, Tobey, Caitlin, Mary-Beth and Lisa. Thank you to friends in ALL aspects of my life that have been a HUGE encouragement, I love you dearly. Thank you Viv for my hair and makeup for my third show, photo shoots and many more times to come! Still amazed and thankful for my beautiful suit made by Melisa and hair and makeup by Stam and Sherwin for my fourth show. Special thanks to the Elite bronzing team Marybeth, Julie and Tracie. You all make our hard work look even better. Nancy , it’s such a huge privilege to be a part of the INBF / WNBF team and to extremely thankful for you Bonnie for all your crazy rules, expectations and the pressure to be awesome. We all need it. We all got it. And we all crushed it. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this team and I look forward to continuing in this aspect of my fitness journey!

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