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Sandy Guerard Hill

Wow!!! What a fantastic experience! I started with FA in jan 2016.. over weight, boarderline high blood pressure, asthma (was never being a smoker), & intestinal issues. I was sick of feeling sick!! I joined 2 -12 weeks challenges in a row.. the BC format was a great fit for me & the nutritional component was key…My body was full of inflammation from poor dietary choices. Eating “real” whole food!!!!…yes, Slow, but sure, I lost 30 lbs and gained my health back! Pretty awesome!!! What was to come next was a surprise to me! It was suggested I join the Bikini Challenge…. whaat????? Soon to be 61 yrs old, I thought this was crazy… then I thought.. maybe… than…what the hell!! I trusted ” the process ” before .. I could do it again!! I did not take this lightly once I made the commitment. It was very difficult at times, but mostly fun & enlightening!!!! I learned a lot about myself. The “icing on the cake” (ha ha … trust me there was no cake!) Have been the new friends, camaraderie and respect for these woman. I just love my Bikini Babe friends!!! I am amazed at the support & expertise of the staff @ the BCs, the “individual” direction from Bonnie the last several weeks, the posing coaches (also key!)… it sure took a village! What a gift to give yourself & family. This was definitely a holistic experience for me. The mind/body connection cannot be disputed..amazing!! This program is for anyone… 20, 30, 40, 50 and yes 60 yr olds!!! I am so proud to say I lost an additional 24lbs (total of 54 lbs!!), built & sculpted some awesome muscles!…..& I took 1st place in “Classic( over 50) Figure” & 1st in “Classic Bikini”!!! Get out of your comfort zone… you won’t regret it! Thanks FA for everything! Its been quite a ride!👙💪🏼

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