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Pam Tangney

The Bikini + Physique Competition team is by far the best thing, most life-changing, most rewarding thing I have done FOR MYSELF. So much so that I did it four times over the last 2.5 years. You hear about the coaches giving you the guidance, and the team giving you support but here’s the thing: at the end of the competition, YOU did it. It is one thing you can look back at and say I did that. I did it. I cooked the food and shoved it in my mouth. I said no to temptation. I dragged my butt out of bed and pushed myself to workout. I laced up the sneakers and sent myself on that walk or sprint. I stood in a tent and got painted a level of tan I did not was possible, and I strutted across that stage. The coaches and teammates are there for you with a plan, encouragement, and sometimes even just to commiserate on those bad days. That’s how you stay as sane as possible.

You will learn things about yourself that will blow you away. You will become your own motivation, and eventually your own competition. You will be inspired to set new goals for yourself, and you will stop settling for the excuses your former self made up. Even if you do it once and only once, you will be so proud that you did. I am so glad I took that blind leap of faith a few years ago. It has changed my world in so many ways, minor and major, and all for the better.

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