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Michelle O’Connell

n January I signed up for this challenge with a mix of excitement, discomfort and sheer terror. Talk about rocketing me out of my comfort zone! I can’t say enough about what an amazing experience this was. I am so impressed by the support from Pam Martin and Bonnie Lefrak and the whole team, who worked so hard to keep adjusting on the fly as our world evolved with Covid.

I always felt like the FA team did everything possible to adapt, adjust, and keep us going. I felt so supported and felt like the program was tweaked for my specific needs and challenges.

I learned how I deal with adversity (not always well), how to doggedly keep trying at things that don’t come naturally to me (posing) and to reflect on expectations I set for myself (both good ones and unrealistic ones). For me, this picture represents significant change and accomplishment. The change I am most proud of in this picture however is the one from the neck up. Look at my confidence, smile, and happiness and to me that is worth more than the cosmetic stuff. Thank you Angelica Tinio Vlahos for this beautiful photo that captures my mental transformation as well as physical.

Thank you thank you thank you to Pam Martin and Bonnie Lefrak for your support and putting up with all my questions/comments/fearful emails. Huge hugs and kisses to this awesome online community who gave me so much support and encouragement along the way. Thank you to Mary-Beth Turner and Caitlin M Theodorou for kicking my butt on Zoom over and over.

Thank you to Nancy Andrews for trying so so hard to make some kind of show happen and keeping us informed and prepped along the way. What an amazing program – I can’t wait to do it again next fall and hopefully finish it off with a real show! Cheers to a great summer and see y’all in the fall!

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