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Mary Heider

I didn’t have large weight loss goals when I joined the bikini transformation team- my goals were around
developing a stronger and healthier self-image, mental strength and determination, and a toned,strong looking body.

In 2012, I had taken several months of Boxing through the Fitness Asylum…and that was back when business owner Bonnie Lefrak was calling out the sequences for our classes. If memory serves me, she may also have been the only instructor for the Boxing class at that time. I knew from those classes that Bonnie runs a tight ship and knows how to influence class participants to work hard and dig deep to really push to the next level.

Cut ahead a few years, I continued working out at my workplace corporate gym…but I just wasn’t changing my body shape, not in the way that I had seen happening in bikini transformation pictures. I was not well informed about nutrition,so I started to read books and blogs. I learned that nutrition is a big component of changing your body. So,now I had information about nutrition,but I still was unable to change my diet. I couldn’t get my head around doing it. I worked out consistently but my body was not leaning out.

I started stalking the Fitness Asylum bikini transformation program website – trying to figure out if I could do this. I was completely intrigued by the before and after pictures,but I still thought that the program may have been too elite for me. I also thought there were prerequisite programs to follow prior to getting into the bikini challenge. I really wanted to be in a program that produced results for how these women were looking – lean, tight, beautiful long muscles and toned bodies,but I didn’t believe that I was mentally or physically tough enough to handle the hard workouts that I know Bonnie must have developed to produce such results.

In the 2016 time frame,I began to notice a friend of mine posting about her bikini challenge show.She had
joined the Fitness Asylum and completed her first bikini challenge. I was shocked by her transformation! I
immediately texted her to get her perspective on the program…she encouraged me to join. I was
apprehensive…didn’t feel I could do it,so I waited months and another challenge went by – one that I wanted to join but didn’t. I was shocked at how strongly I felt that I missed an opportunity when that happened.

That feeling of regret was so strong that, seemingly on a whim in November 2016, I signed up for the 2017 spring bikini challenge. As soon as I hit enter with the sign up, I immediately felt proud of myself. I knew that I had taken a major step towards changing my mindset and physical appearance.
I’ve just participated in my first bikini competition this past weekend, I was in two classes in the show and
placed in both (2nd in FA in my age group, 4th in Regular show in my age group). I was blown away by the
whole experience and so immensely grateful that I decided to stage as I had it in my head that I wouldn’t. I
wasn’t badgered into it either, just one phrase from Bonnie during the kickoff,” why on earth would you do a competition diet if you aren’t going to get on stage at the competition?”. I didn’t realize that my goal of
mental strength and determination would only be achieved by getting up on stage.

There is no way that you will realize the power of this program,unless you get up on stage alongside these women with whom you have become extraordinarily close over months of training, grinding it out in the gym, posing classes, eating with a competition edge, and legitimately caring about each other’s success. It’s a life-changing experience.

If you think you cannot do it…think again.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before undertaking rigorous physical training.