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Leigh Ann Hanlon

n the fall of 2016 I was experiencing a very stressful time both at work and in my personal life and I ended up eating my feelings. I’ve always been a stress eater, and after coming off of a wonderfully fit summer (post Spring wedding!) I found myself eating everything and anything that I wanted. Unhappy with the way I felt and the way my clothes fit, I decided to consider the Fitness Asylum Bikini Bootcamp. I’ve seen plenty of before and after photos and was blown away by the transformations and thought this might be just what I needed!

I am the type of person that requires accountability and someone to tell me what to do, when to do it, and push me – I knew Bonnie was the coach I needed to make this happen. I signed up with mixed emotions and wondered what I just got myself in to, but I was excited about the potential transformation and 4 month journey ahead. One week after I committed to this program, I was laid off from work. This added insult to injury, as I was unhappy with my physical appearance, and now my emotional capacity was being tested. I decided to press forward, and see this as an opportunity to focus on my mental and physical health. I needed to get the diet down, as I have always been the “microwave queen” or “drive-thu” expert, indulging in sugary, carb-loaded and fried food that tasted delicious but was not doing much for my waist line.

I will admit it took me a while to get back into an exercise routine. I focused on the diet portion for the first 6-7 weeks, and was successful with weight loss, but realized I needed the combination of diet AND exercise to really see the results I craved. Once I got back into the gym and started working with a trainer, I felt a great sense of accomplishment with the combination of diet and exercise. It all clicked. I was seeing results in shedding fat, building muscle and eating healthy meals. I never felt hungry and had great energy throughout the day. For the first time in my life the cellulite on my bum and thighs barely existed, something I never thought would go away.

My stage goal weight was in sight and I was pumped when I tried on my bikini for the first time and realized this was all actually happening! I have come so very far in the four months since sitting in the kick-off meeting in January, surpassing my stage weight goal by five pounds, and gaining an enormous amount of courage, self-confidence all while demonstrating incredible discipline and self-control I didn’t think was possible. One of the most invaluable perks of this bootcamp was the support of the fellow bootcampers, relating to the everyday struggles, successes and triumphs that we shared on a daily basis on the private Facebook page. You realize you are not alone at any given moment, and there is an outlet for asking questions, venting, and seeking advice. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, and I’m walking away with friends I never would have met without this program.

Getting on stage was the icing on the cake of this four month journey, and one of my proudest moments. I am excited to be part of an elite class of individuals in the fitness community and look forward to competing again in the Fall. I have set a new set of goals for myself and I know I’ll be successful with Bonnie and her amazing team by my side.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before undertaking rigorous physical training.