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Laurie Johnson

Hi everyone! My name is Laurie Johnson, I’m 53 years old and have been a member of FA for three years …although it seems like 10 in the best way… LOL! I can tell you as can my Spartan tribe that I was NEVER getting on stage in a Kleenex … NEVER!! The more shows I went to and the more I watched and listened to my friends , I learned the dedication and commitment that it took to get there . Could I do it?? I truly knew it might take everything I had .. but I was going to give it a shot… I was scared … but a good scared. The support that surrounded me during the process, the fact that the road map to success was completely laid out for me made it impossible to fail unless I didn’t follow the program. I won’t lie … I’m a control freak… I would stare at my photos at the beginning that I needed to send to Bonnie and say “ How the F am I ever going to get there ?”…. but I kept going and just “ trusting the process “…. I lost 32.4 pounds and toned up a TON….people that I work with and friends asked me after the show “ How did you do?”…. I think they were waiting for me to say I had a handful of trophies 😂. I answered” Awesome!”… I felt like Giselle going on that stage, I’m sure we all did! The sisterhood and empowerment that results from this process is beyond words . So what is stopping you ? Are you afraid? If you are… all the more reason to do it ! We all have inner Giselle’s waiting to come out… life waits for no one …you have it in you!! Just do it!!!

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