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Kim Milewski

My name is Kim Milewski, I’m 53 years old aka a “Classic”, wife and mother of 3 amazing children. My transformation / bikini adventure started with a promise. A promise made during an alcohol present get together with some friends, Julie D and Ron E. Apparently, in my state that night I promised Julie I would do the challenge with her and luckily Ron witnessed this. Mind you, in my normal state I was always an adamant “NO”. I had no confidence in myself nor the time or drive to invest in such a commitment for me. If you know me, you would know that I keep an honest promise, even if I went over it and over it in my head a thousand times, and just couldn’t remember making it. So the adventure began on January 28th in Hudson. I was mortified at the fact that I had to strip down and get weighed in. Such a reality check for me. I survived that hurdle and noticed there was no judgement from anyone except myself. At first I was just going through the motions of food prep and boot camp doing what I was supposed to do. Having pictures of me in a bikini taken by my husband and actually putting my weight and stats in an email was just so horrifying to me, until I received the email back. Bonnie and Gail were so positive and motivation building with responses each and every time throughout the challenge, I realized I might be able to do this. Mind you, I was also in constant contact with Julie whining and questioning everything and receiving the positivity and motivation she knew I needed. Then my weight began to steadily drop and I wasn’t always exhausted and I slept at night. Less Stress and calmness was setting in for me, which I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Well, until posing class haha! I thought I was going to pass out from embarrassment of having to learn to walk on 6 inch heels in a bikini. I awkwardly began my learn to pose half naked adventure, again the ladies in our class were amazing and so non-judgmental, only positive and motivating. Another hurdle met and crossed over by me. By this time I had lost about 20lbs, then 30 and holy crap I was 40 down! I actually began to see definition and the tiniest of muscles coming into play and I could walk on 6 inch heels! Now we were down to the wire, fish week and tanning are my next obstacles. Fish week, I actually didn’t mind it too much knowing the 50lbs was so close and the 140’s were actualy attainable. Tanning was an adventure, my brain could not fathom standing totally naked while someone stood in front of me spraying me down…I survived it. I even found myself having an everyday conversation with 2 others totally naked like we were fully dressed at a table. Another hurdle met and accomplished. Through all of this, I actually started looking forward to boot camps and getting it done. Maureen and Amanda were my first 2 instructors and saw me from day one through the whole process. They are also pretty amazing. No matter how much I whined and complained, they kept me going even when it came to burpee’s…burpee’s suck. Now it’s final weigh in time before, I almost fell on the floor, I not only made the 140’s I made it to 142! I made it through the show, didn’t place, but won so much out of this experience that I was over the moon that I accomplished what I never believed I could. On May 20th via a facebook post from Ron and Julie to me, I found out that I in fact never made “the promise” and adamantly did said “No”. Julie knew I needed this challenge for me and Ron knew about my integrity towards a promise made, so their plan was born! I cannot believe they got me so good and yet I am so thrilled and thankful to them for all of this!

Then came the text, “you won” from my friend Denise O. I’m thinking, wrong text. Well when I opened our page, I was floored. I won the transformation! Never thought that I could do it! I thank each and everyone one of you involved in this whole process for motivating, pushing and the chats of to boost confidence! It worked and is continuing to work. I’ve already made the decision to particape in the fall transformation team with a more confident outlook and determination!

Thank you Fitness Asylum for giving me so much back in my life Heart

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