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Kim McMahon

Missing (from the Inspirational Word Walls of the Fitness Asylum): Camaraderie! Tenacity! Metamorphoses!

Found: These same three sentiments/ways of living .. and so much more … Found, in my recent experience with the Fitness Asylum Bikini Bootcamp Challenge.

I started out my now-to-be lifelong fitness career at the Fitness Asylum in the Fall of 2013. I had yo-yo’d with weight loss over the years after all that life had thrown at me – good experiences, sad experiences … just life. At 5’1”, to gain an extra 10+ pounds certainly shows and I was at a point where my weight loss and exercise regimen had become stagnant and boring. I needed some guidance on how to get to the next level of fitness and nutrition – how to better take care of myself in a healthy, productive manner. The Fitness Asylum worked for me! After (2) 12-week Body Challenges and a Holiday Body Challenge, I had lost weight and was at a comfortable, healthy place but I had also gained knowledge, strength, muscles that I never imagined I would have, and confidence! And a bit of a fitness junkie mentality!

On to the next challenge … gulp.. the Spring Bikini Bootcamp Challenge! My personal plan was to engage in this bootcamp competition simply to challenge myself up to the next level and to tighten things up a bit before summer hit – never did I have a plan to get on stage which was completely optional in the program – I was interested in the nutrition/exercise portion only. I did not realize that this would also be a mind-opening experience! Never did I imagine that I would end up on a stage in a bikini with 23 other women in front of an audience at a National Show – never – but there we all were, in all of our nervous, yet newly confident, spray-tanned, glistening glory! The experience is irreplaceable and just remarkable .. from the body and mind metamorphoses, to the new levels of confidence acquired through the utmost tenacity to stick with the program, and most importantly to the camaraderie we all shared as we supported each other on this challenge together!

If a challenge such as this is something you are even remotely considering, put all of your fears and pre-conceived notions about what this program can be and what you can personally do .. aside … join in the total experience of the Fitness Asylum Bikini Bootcamp Challenge. The payoff is endless and limitless.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before undertaking rigorous physical training.