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Julie D’Ambra

I joined this challenge because my 25 year old daughter asked me to join with her. Having been born with a myriad of health concerns, I thought this would be a great way to point her in the right direction, for health and fitness in adulthood. I also thought, how awesome that she picked her mom to do this with. I had no idea then, how much I would learn from this experience and how very much I would enjoy it.
I never let my weight get to far away from my goal weight. Each year during the spring, dieting back down to my goal. There were two problems with that however. One, like so many other women who strive for skinny, I would deprive myself of valuable nutrition to accomplish this. Two, like every other skinny person I have ever met, I always felt like loosing 5 pounds more, would make me feel and look better. At the age of almost 50, it was becoming harder to like the reflection I would see. So begins, the dog chasing the tail.
During this competition diet, I learned a lot about nutrition and eating. You figure out quickly that you can eat copious amounts of food and loose inches at the same time. They are tools I will use for the rest of my life, as will my daughter. We both needed to learn these lessons.
I made so many great friends while I was doing this. People that encouraged me, cheered for my success, challenged me to strive for more and empathized when I had a rough day. This challenge was not easy mentally or physically but, some great folks that I worked out with and some even greater instructors, helped me understand that not every day feels like a successful one, even when they are.
When I look in the mirror today, I am no longer thinking I need to loose more weight to feel better about that image looking back at me. I am also no longer nit picking a 50 year old. I am now looking at an athlete and competitor. I am looking at a woman who cant wait to see how great she’ll look in the next 6 months if she sticks with the lessons she learned. I can’t believe I never noticed this woman before. I am truly glad I found her and got a chance to see her shine.
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to experience this. I am even more happy to have shared this experience with my daughter Georgia. I can’t thank her enough for pointing me in this direction and for her constant encouragement. I thought early on that I was helping her. In reality, we both needed to help each other. I started this competition because my daughter Georgia, asked me to. I will continue, for me.

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