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Jen Holland

I’m not one to tell you “ I’ve never thought I wanted to do a bikini comp”, or “ I can’t even imagine wanting to compete or be on stage “… because for the past 10 years, I’ve watched fitness competitors and always thought to myself – someday .

Someday I’ll get my act together. Someday it will just all magically happen . Sometime I’ll figure it out and be one of those girls that looks like she belongs on in a fitness comp . When I started thinking of my someday , I was 30 pounds heavier and had zero muscle and little confidence . I did tons of cardio and never looked any different . I had constant struggles with my nutrition . Everything seemed to make me tired and bothered my stomach . So I barely ate. I wouldn’t eat by just fear it would make me sick & overtime it had to have killed my metabolism .

Fast forward to all the online surfing and I came across a friend doing the body challenge at this place called the fitness asylum . That place sounds scary , I though ! Well I can’t do that – it’s over 20 miles from my house , plus I have a crazy job , plus I have kids and house stuff . Excuses excuses ! When you want change you find a way to make that change a priority! So , . I did my first body challenge in the fall of 2016. What I didn’t realize is how much I would love the community . When I started , I barely talked to anyone because I was just unsure if these nice people were for real . Why is everyone so friendly ? What’s their thing ? But I learned it was a true community of instructors and clients wanting to see you in class , wanting you to succeed – and wanting you to feel as good as they do . After that fall I watched the bikini team in the spring start their prep – I wanted to do it so bad but it wasn’t until my body challenge teammate – Catherine said to me – yes girl, you totally should do it and we can do it together . I signed up that minute and have slowly come out of my shell each step of the way . I love coming to class and feeling strong. I love seeing how much my body and mind has changed .

I love taking time out for me and not feeling guilty ! But again , the key piece for me was the sense of sisterhood and community . They have made me feel unstoppable . Their successes make me want to be by their side . I’m so grateful that my someday is no longer a someday . My advice would be if you are waiting for your someday – you are making excuses . There’s no guarantee that any of us have a future someday . This program has everything you need to succeed now !

In good health,

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