Jacqui Mutascio | The Fitness Asylum

Jacqui Mutascio

This experience was nothing short of amazing. If I’ve learned anything during the three months of my prep, it’s that you are capable of SO MUCH more than you think. Always step outside your comfort zone because you WILL find the confidence you didn’t know existed.

I was completely new to The Fitness Asylum AND competing. Competing was something I had been throwing around in the back of my mind for a while, and it wasn’t until a former coworker had suggested Bonnie that I took the jump. And MAN, am I glad I did.

I live about an hour and twenty minutes away from the FA locations so I did everything remotely, aside from making the drive every Sunday for Posing Class. I worked out on my own and checked in every Monday morning via email with my stats and photos. Yes, I worked out on my own but it didn’t feel like it. The community that you join is INCREDIBLE, and although I only saw a lot of the other girls in person on Sundays and on show day, the bond you still create is like nothing else.

Bonnie’s guidance was incredible and I couldn’t imagine anyone else being my coach. She was ALWAYS there…if I reached out to her, she would always get back to me…and I had a LOT of questions with this being my first time competing. If you follow the plan exactly as she gives it to you, and if you trust the process & hold the vision, you WILL succeed in this.

I cannot wait to compete again with The Fitness Asylum! Now that I know I CAN do it, the next time will be about challenging myself and seeing how much further I can push myself! And I’m excited for Bonnie to be there to help me reach my full potential.

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