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Heather Spellman

I’ve always been so much happier when I’ve eaten healthy but in the past when I’ve fallen off the health wagon, it’s been impossible to create the structure to jump back on.

That was the original reason I chose to do the Bikini Challenge last spring. BUT…there was NO WAY I was getting on stage…. (I said to myself…)

Well, that completely backfired for me. I had nothing to hold myself accountable for so the first party that I attended during the prep, I indulged. I overindulged in fact. So much that I dropped out of the season.

So for this past fall season, I signed up and mentally committed to actually getting on stage even though I DID NOT WANT TO! But I knew it would be the only way to stay on track. And how grateful I was! Not only was the stage experience exhilarating and so much fun, I had never felt better in my own skin.

So now I’m hooked, even through a freaking pandemic 😂🤣. It didn’t even matter that I didn’t get on stage because I had that same great feeling again! I’d love to think that I could do this forever but for now, I will concentrate on the off season and look forward to the upcoming season.

Thank you to Bonnie and the entire FA staff and community for everything! Especially to coach Ellen for keeping me on track this time lol!

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