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Erin Powers Stokl

There comes a time when you have to put your foot down and take control of your life. Misery was not a perpetual state of being that I wanted to live in anymore. I have a beautiful family, a loving husband, but I couldn’t find happiness with myself because I was existing in a vessel that was unacceptable to me. I did not want to be confined to the constraints of a body that made me unhappy. I was done avoiding social situations, spending countless hours finding that “slimming” outfit, or leaving the room when the camera came out. I’ve missed countless opportunities to make memories with friends, document holidays, or simply just have the piece of mind to be copacetic with my form!!!” I was done preaching to myself, “How did you let this happen?!”

My story, I’m sure is typical of other mothers out there. I was busy being a mom, working full time, managing my household and trying to juggle all other aspects of my life. I simply had no time to take care of myself, so I thought. I used food as my pacifier and I ate for every emotion that coursed through my mind- it was my way of taking care of myself. Eating was my go to coping mechanism! My binging consisted of high fat, high carbohydrate, extremely processed food that elevated my mood for a moment and then proceeded to made me crash into a depressive, guilt ridden slump which only propelled me to eat again. It was a vicious cycle really. One I’m sure that was slowly killing me both physically and emotionally.

One fateful night, my sister, Aileen Clemente and I were surfing through FA body transformation photos at my parents’ dining room table when we happened to come across a series of pictures that showed the miraculous transformation of my good friend Ellen Cummings. My sister and I were in awe and immediately pledged that we were going to transform ourselves. I reached out to Ellen that night and she suggested that I try a Twelve Week Body Challenge. She very patiently described the program to me, answered all my questions, and told me that she would assist me with anything I needed, every step of the way. She was just very kind and her actions are very reminiscent off all the staff at the Fitness Asylum (i.e., non-intimidating, helpful, inviting, knowledgeable, proactive, and friendly…..really the best!!!!” FA is not just a gym! FA is a family, a community, and a lifestyle.

My husband stated, “You made this look easy!” and I wouldn’t say that it was easy, but if you follow the guidelines consistently that Bonnie sets forth within the program, it is definitely manageable. This is by far the most comprehensive program that I’ve completed, dealing with all aspects of weigh loss such as: fitness, nutrition, food addiction, triggers, and the emotional component. It has given me tools to resist temptation and stay on track.

If I can complete this challenge remotely from another state (I now reside in upstate New York) with an very hectic lifestyle – anyone can do this! You have to be willing to make the change! You have to want to do this and with the assistance of your FA family, it is completely within your reach! Take the plunge and change your life; I’m sure glad I did!

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before undertaking rigorous physical training.