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Crystal Silva

Well, well, well holy $!”%
Today I got my Fitness Asylum transformation before and after and honestly that’s the first thing that came to my mind! I cannot believe the girl on the left was me !! I am a 34 year old mom and Registered Nurse who happened to see an add for a bikini challenge on Facebook and thought I’m going to do that ! I want to be like those girls they look HOT!! I have ALWAYS been that HAPPY girl, always SMILING but the change in my body has been astonishing! For the last few months I have been eating clean, hitting the gym and taking care of me for a change, as a mom of 2 girls it’s been a challenge to put myself first but sometimes we have to, my girls are so proud of me they want to workout with me, we now spend our times together working out and eating healthy. As much as I wish there was a pill to make me look like this, there was NOT! I had to literally work my ass off, I made many SACRIFICES but in the end I would NOT change a thing!! This journey has fueled me into high gear for a new HEALTHY lifestyle. I feel great !! Never been happier, looking forward to continuing in competitions. It’s funny because those cupcakes and alcohol yeah they taste good, real good actually but the feeling of SUCCESS and being healthy and working out is by far so much better!! To look at this picture and the past pictures I have shared and the journey I have had in my life the girl on the right is ready to take on the world and can’t wait to help others who are also interested in making a change in their lives. Remember live a little, have fun, you only live once so why not do it in a sexy body that you worked hard for ūüėČ this is just the beginning for me !!!

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