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Cindy Valentin

Who would have ever thought that I would have got on stage wearing a bedazzled itty bitty bikini in front of complete strangers, some in which were actually judging me? If you asked me 5 years ago, I would have said HELL NO!

My weight loss story is long. I have always struggled with my weight. Let’s be honest, I will always struggle with my weight. My weight has yo-yoed my entire life. From a petite child, to an overweight pre-teen to teen who thought just not eating some days was a great way to control my weight.

After having my babies, my weight was at all-time high. My body did not handle the pregnancy weight gain well and I have my warrior marks to show it. So desperate to lose weight, I sought out many types of weight loss programs that would help me shed the weight. I did eat for your blood type, low carb high fat diets and some others. Did I lose weight, yes. Did it stay off, no. None of those programs really showed me how to eat right or kept me accountable.

My journey with the Fitness Asylum started over 3 years ago. Thanks to some friends who had shared their amazing weight loss with the Fitness Asylum on social media, I reached out to them about the programs the FA offered. After much debate with myself, I decided to join the fall of 2015 body challenge. I needed this for me. The first weigh in, I was disgusted that I allowed my weight to creep back up again. After seeing my initial weigh in weight, I was all in. I finished that challenge first on my team and 5th overall. I was so proud of myself and more so, so happy to have found a community of people just like me. Not only did I find people like me, I gained the most amazing support group.

After the challenge, I stayed with FA and kept attending boot camps. I love the classes and the instructors and feel like it is my fitness home. I met many bikini girls and admired their commitment to the program. I enjoyed watching their transformations and hearing all about it. Not going to lie, I stalked them on social media! I thought to myself, I would love to do that, but there is no way I could. I can never look like them. Stretch marks, loose skin. Who wants to see that in a tiny bikini??? Though I kept telling myself that, I was finding myself drawn to reading the testimonials, looking at these women’s before and after’s and thinking to myself, I need to do this for me. No one else, but for me. After talking to my husband for the 100th time about it, we both decided it was my time.

Was I scared, yes. After I hit enter and I was officially in, I thought to myself, what the hell was I thinking. I even contemplated emailing the FA saying it was a mistake and can I get my money back??? I am glad I didn’t. It was hard and many days I wanted to give up. Did I cry some days, maybe. Was it worth it, HELL YA! There was three defining times through this whole process that I knew that joining this was all worth it.

1. Ran into a friend who talked to my niece, my niece told her how proud of me she was of me doing the program and losing weight the healthy way as she saw me struggle as a teen. See saw how I would go does without eating to fit into clothes.

2. My husband standing on the corner of our street waiting for me to finish my daily walk holding a sign saying “You got this”.
3. My daughter’s Mother’s Day card. In it she told me how proud of me she was for doing the program and all my hard work.

I did this for me and only me, stretch marks and all. Was I where I wanted to be, no. Will I ever be, probably not. It that ok, yes. I will work hard and continue to approve. In the end of all this, I met some amazing, strong women, made new friendships and found something I enjoy doing. I look forward to many more seasons with these strong beautiful women. Thank you Bonnie and the FA instructors for your undeniable support. It is because of you that we are successful! In the end, if I encouraged 1 person to make a change for themselves, then I am a winner.
Cheers to being 40 and fabulous!

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before undertaking rigorous physical training.