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Christine Silvestri

Christine Silvestri is the stage winner in ‘Over 40 Group’

Wow! What can I say about my Bikini Bootcamp experience? Everything! I had been thinking about competing for a couple of years. For different reasons at different times, it just never happened. I was beginning to think that it was something that just wasn’t meant to be. I thought that I was too busy, too out of shape, it was too scary, I was too old, and it was too expensive.

I was feeling in a rut with where I was in my fitness journey when the Bikini challenge came along. I was in decent shape, but definitely knew I could do more if I had the right push to do so. I got the email informing me of the new program, and for the first time in a long time, I was extremely excited to embark on a new challenge. I signed up immediately!

My feelings going into the challenge were a little different from most of the women who were going into it. I KNEW that if I was going to do the challenge, I was going to embrace every part of it and get up on that stage and compete! After looking into competing on my own, I knew that what this program had to offer was like no other program available. First off, the value that is included cannot be matched. It can be very expensive to compete. There are coaching fees, application fees to enter, lie detector tests, posing classes, shoes, suits, makeup, tan, photos. It can add up. With this program, because it is a team challenge, prices are negotiated in advance and offered at reduced rates. This alone is worth it.

Going into the challenge and knowing I was going to embrace it wholeheartedly definitely helped it go smoothly for me. Having a coach who is both knowledgeable and someone that you trust is very important. I “trusted the process” as Bonnie likes to say and did everything exactly as it was planned out. I didn’t do anything more, or anything less. I didn’t want to take any chances with my health by skipping meals to lose more weight or risk losing muscle mass, so I did what I was told and I had no issues at all. Same with Michelle, the posing coach. I listened to everything she said and practiced as she suggested.

However, as nice as all that is, that is not what made this program so incredible. What was totally unexpected to not only myself, but to everyone else who was involved, was the community of women who embarked on this journey with me and the support that we all gave each other. We were all there because we wanted to challenge ourselves more, but not everyone was into getting up on stage in a bikini in front of hundreds of people! In the beginning there were maybe 3 or 4 of us that knew for sure we were going to get on stage. In the end, because we were all supporting each other, there were 24 of us! That was very exciting to me because I only knew a few of these women prior to the start of the challenge. By the end, after going through all the emotions, trials, errors, successes, and laughter (and there was a lot of that!) bonds were formed that meant more than anyone ever expected. The support was definitely the best part of the whole process. This includes the support of the coaches as well. They were very involved and were always there for us.

And beyond that? Well, conquering a bucket list dream is always incredible. But better than that is knowing that I am not going through life just letting it pass me by and not “feeling” anything or putting myself out there. I did something that scared me, challenged me, and reminded me of how determined I can really be. We forget those things when we get stuck in a rut. And it was amazing! Definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life. Recommendation? 5 Stars!

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