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Annette Crnilovic

I thought after my last competition in 2009 I was done competing. However, as I got older and watched all the people on Facebook going through prep and getting on stage, I caught the bug. I tried starting prep on and off but could never make it work. I could never seem to commit and felt there was just no way at my age I could do this. Then I saw a coworker do it and she talked me into doing it and when I heard you were involved as well I though how maybe doing it with people I knew would make a difference and boy did it ever.

I went to the first meeting motivated but skeptical, especially in my ability to step out of my comfort zone where I had hidden for so long. Its when I saw all the other women there all in the same or similar stage in their life with the same or similar goals as me, I felt like i had a chance. If they were all committed to this then I could be as well. I never looked back. The program set up and the group camaraderie was exactly what I needed to succeed. I am so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and found a new respect for myself, something I though was all but gone. That made this whole experience priceless and I would recommend it to anyone.

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