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Alyssa Tremblay

Lets start with a little background about my experience with trying a body building competition in 2015. I hired a coach that was local and used/loved by a friend of mine. In the beginning she was very attentive at responding to emails and I was definitely seeing changes in my physique pretty quickly. A few weeks into my prep I found out that my coach conveniently didn’t mention that she was 8 months pregnant and also opening a new gym.

When I was about 6 weeks out I stopped getting replies to emails at all and never even met my coach in person. I was on a “cookie cutter” macro counting diet with tons of cardio that left me hungry, depleted, weak and miserable with my fast metabolism. My job and relationships suffered greatly. I also had no one to teach me posing so I paid Elle Chapleau and drove an hour away so she could teach me some basics the night before the show to avoid making a COMPLETE fool of myself. The day of the show I sat back stage alone, not knowing a thing about what to do before going on stage, a DIY tan, and terrible posing. The icing on the cake? I was accidentlly registered in “bikini open” rather than “novice” in a huge show and was completely overlooked in a sea of beautiful and experienced women when it was finally my time to shine. Needless to say every person in my life knows how against ever doing another show I was after that.

Fast forward to taking AMP classes with Angelica at the fitness asylum 2 years later. One day I was wearing my WNBF sweatshirt and she finally connected the dots as to why I looked familiar. I wouldn’t budge on my decision to never compete again for weeks. That is until she convinced my cousin (now 60 lbs down since begining at FA) to step on stage as long I did it with her.

Deciding to give competing another shot with the Fitness Asylum is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The bonds I’ve made and fun I’ve had is indescribable. To go from feeling so lonely and unprepared at my last show to nearly drowning in confidence, love and support from so many bad ass ladies is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I’ll never forget the feeling of standing on that stage posing next to so many amazing looking women and thinking “wow whatever happens today, I am having so much effing fun right now”.

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