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Tobey Hasegawa

Tobey grew up leading an active lifestyle, involved in gymnastics as a youth through high school, and competitive dance through college. After starting a desk job, she to fell into the routine that many people experience – less activity and making less-than-healthy food choices, with associated weight gain – resulting in a desire to get active again. In 2010, Tobey did her first sprint triathlon, and completed several more short distance races before tackling and completing a half-Ironman distance race in 2013. Around this time, Tobey also learned about Kettlebells at the Fitness Asylum and was immediately hooked on using them to build strength and endurance.

Since then, Tobey has been a participant in the three Ultimate Body Challenges and a member of the Bikini Bootcamp team at the Fitness Asylum since the fall of 2014. She is an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) certified instructor and also has her ACE group fitness certification.

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