Tara | The Fitness Asylum


Coaching style:
Energy-Challenging-Motivating-Hands on!

Why I love being a coach at The Fitness Asylum:
Leading people to realize what they are capable of! My motto: Coach em up until there’s no doubt!

Joined FA in:
2017 as a client
2018 as an instructor

Classes taught:
Bootcamp, Hiity Bitty & Sprints

Favorite music to workout to:
a fan of all music but if I’m lifting…it’s gotta speak or curse at me.

Favorite quote:
soooo many but this is one of my favs. “a life worth living is one worth documenting”

Fav Clean eats:
PROTEIN WHORE. All kinds of protein, cauliflower rice, and oatmeal. Like Lay’s potato chips… You can’t have only one favorite!

Fav not so clean eats:
I do not do any sweets… Other than, ice cream! True love affair with what I call a “Gibby’s special” … 1 scoop Black raspberry chocolate chip, 1 scoop Smores or Milky Way, in a cup with a sugar cone on top, and smothered in Chocolate jimmies.

Fun Fact:
My husband blow dries my hair.

NASM/AFAA Personal Trainer, FMS screening certified, Olympic lifting