Melissa Cheslawski | The Fitness Asylum

Melissa Cheslawski

In 2012, I started taking boxing, one of the specialty classes offered here at the Fitness Asylum and I was hooked! Such a great way to get out your frustrations and get a work out all in one! It was during this time that I starting noticing some of the girls loosing weight and getting toned. I wanted to look like that too! So I joined the 2012 Fall Body Challenge. I lost over 20 pounds in my first challenge and have lost about 40 pounds to date!

In 2015, I became interested in Spartan racing. I started taking SGX classes and earned my first Trifecta in 2016!

The Fitness Asylum has taught me so much about proper nutrition and fitness and I feel so lucky to be part of this FAmily!

I am currently working towards my group training certification and plan to become a Spartan SGX Certified Coach as well.

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