Lisa | The Fitness Asylum


Coaching Style:
As a coach, I think it’s really important to be personable and to make positive connections with our clients. I like to use humor, and to keep the atmosphere fun. I like to design my bootcamp sets with lots of weights and compound exercises that work the muscles hard and jack your heart rate. I enjoy reading and staying current, and passing on my learning to our clients.

Why I love being a coach at the Fitness Asylum:
I truly love the family that we are at the Fitness Asylum. The coaches, staff, and clients are also my friends, and the Fitness Asylum is most definitely my “home away from home”. I love watching clients push themselves, support each other, work through adversity, and smash goals big and small. Our coaching staff is amazing, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a talented team!

Joined FA in:
2013 (began coaching in 2016)

Classes Taught:
I currently teach exclusively bootcamps, but in the past I have taught Tabata Bootcamp and Dirty 30. I have also enjoyed “guest coaching” SGX (Spartan) classes, Tabata, MetCon, and Hitty Bitty

Favorite Quote:
Well, it’s more like a verse, but it was the inspiration for my tattoo….Fate whispered to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm”. The warrior whispered back, “I am the storm”

Favorite Music to work out to:
When I am working out alone I definitely choose hard rock or heavy rock/rap fusion. For bootcamps, I love to use a mix of rock and fast beat pop, and I LOVE music that fuses any variation of rock, rap, pop, Latin, and reggae.

Favorite clean eats:
turkey “sausage” burgers and roasted sweet potatoes

Favorite not-so-clean eats:
Pizza and ice cream are definitely at the top of my list!

Fun Fact:
Despite trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, I am a TV junkie whose DVR is ALWAYS full.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and a certified Tabata Bootcamp instructor. I am also currently working on a certification in Functional Movement.