Jamie | The Fitness Asylum


Coaching style:
I love variation. Variation in exercises, rep schemes, and weights. While there is always value to focusing on specific exercises or routines to achieve a particular goal, I [personally] have more fun doing constantly diverse movements and formats.

Why I love coaching at The Fitness Asylum:
The greatest thing is to be able to participate in helping people of all different fitness levels reach their goals; the person who is in the gym for the first time in 20 years, the postpartum mom, the marathon runner lifting weights for the first time, the person who has tried every form of fitness and is looking to crush a new goal, or anyone in between. It’s amazing to watch people’s confidence levels shift and transpire into their daily lives, and I am so grateful to be apart of that.

Joined FA in:
Joined as a client: August 2013
Became an FA instructor: October 2015

Classes taught:
Bootcamps, MetCon, Hiitty Bitty, AMP, Old Skool Strength, Kettlebells, AMP, Barbell Basics Workshop, Semi-private group training

Favorite quote:
“The best way to become a master of anything is to never stop being a student.” Also — a comical favorite: “Every time your kettlebell swings become squatty, a baby seal dies.” – Tony Gentilcore

Favorite clean eats:
Mexican breakfast bowl

Favorite not so clean eats:
anything my mom makes…literally anything.

Fun Fact:
Proud fun fact: I recently became a Family Nurse Practitioner 😊
Embarrassing fun fact: I just learned how to ride a bike (barely) last year (…at 27 years old 😬)

AFAA group fitness, HKC Kettlebell