Jamie Kerr | The Fitness Asylum

Jamie Kerr

Shortly after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Virginia, I returned home in 2013, joined the Fitness Asylum and was instantly hooked. I have always been an active person–played soccer in high school and through college, track and field, and worked out regularly, so I have always had a passion for fitness and health…but could never really find group exercise classes that enticed me enough to keep going back. However, the workouts at FA–bootcamps and specialty classes alike–have filled this void and and are something I cannot imagine giving up.

Since joining, I have been lucky enough to participate in the first Bikini Bootcamp, one Body Challenge, and become a group instructor here at FA and LOVE it. It’s been an honor to become a member of this wonderful family who works together to transform people’s lives. I’m lucky enough that my passion for this field has transpired into being able to inspire and motivate others while continuing my education to gain my doctorate as a nurse practitioner at UMass Medical School and working as an RN. I’m currently a certified group fitness instructor and cannot explain how much I enjoy teaching the bootcamps and array of specialty classes offered. Can’t wait to meet you!

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