Helene Winn | The Fitness Asylum

Helene Winn

I started at Fitness Asylum in 2015, shortly after moving to Shrewsbury, at the recommendation of a friend. I have always been active – playing soccer and running track in school – but as soon as I started at Fitness Asylum I knew this was different! The bootcamps were more challenging than any class I’d ever taken but I felt myself get stronger and be able to do new things. Every class was different and the instructors pushed me to do more – work harder, lift heavier, move faster – than I thought I could. And I loved it!

Since joining Fitness Asylum, I have participated in the Body Challenge and many of the specialty classes in addition to regular bootcamps. I’m excited to be joining the amazing staff at Fitness Asylum and look forward to helping find strength they didn’t know they had.

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