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Old Skool Strength

OH YEAAAAAH. This is what you have been waiting for!
Like to flex your muscles?

Old Skool is our homage to bodybuilding. This is a 3 day per week “split” where you will do body part training (versus a total body workout in our Bootcamps).
The workout is based on sets, reps and training for hypertrophy which makes this THE perfect workout for anyone looking to get on stage or LOOK like you are getting ready for the stage.*

Please have a basic understanding of movements like deadlifts, squats and bench pressing.
Yes you will be coached and spotted but this is designed for someone with some lifting experience.

Class Meets M/W/F at 6:30pm at our RT 140 location and you may sign up in 4 week increments.
This class a strict limit of 16 max where you will work with a training partner at each class.

Current Sessions:

Mon/Wed/Thur 6:30-7:30pm
4 weeks (11/5/18 – 12/7/18) *NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING (11/19, 11/21, 11/22)
Cost $159
Rt. 140