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Simply put, metabolic conditioning is sustained high-intensity work with low intensity bouts for the ultimate physical and mental challenge in a short period of time. These workouts will challenge your cardiovascular capacity while simultaneously bringing your muscles to fatigue, resulting in an efficient fat-burning workout. MetCon workouts include formats such as EMOMs, AMRAPs, chippers, and more. Take your workout to the next level and commit yourself to 30 minutes (or less!) of intense work. The difference you will notice in your performance will speak for itself.
Level: Intermediate

Current Sessions:

Mondays 6:30-7:00am
4 weeks (10/21/19 – 11/11/19)
Grafton location

Mondays 10:00-10:30am
7 weeks (11/4/19 – 12/16/19)
Cherry St., Hudson