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Barbell Basics Workshop

You’ve seen the multitude of specialty classes offered at The Fitness Asylum — all over Facebook, pictures, friends recommending them. Have you avoided classes like Old Skool, Hiitty Bitty, AMP, or hardcore because you’ve never worked with barbells before?

Yes, barbells can be intimidating and technical, but when executed with proper form and appropriate weight they are a fantastic addition to any training program. If intimidation of barbells has prevented you from adding one of these classes to your schedule, let us help you!

We are offering a 2 hour “barbell basics” workshop for those who are looking for an introduction into barbells before starting a specialty class of his/her choice.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn in a small group and develop a confidence and understanding of barbell work before entering a new specialty class. It will make the first workouts of session more efficient and effective–less time learning form & determining your appropriate weight while IN the class and more time making the most of your first workout. In this instructional workshop, we will go over form of basic movements utilized in these classes–deadlift, bench press, squats, good mornings, hip thrusters, military press, rows–and how to determine what your starting weights should be for these exercises, depending on the workout.

We will also review some simple mobility and warm-up exercises for the respective body area that you will be focusing on in a particular workout. If you are curious about barbell lifting but nervous about where to begin this is the workshop for you!

Current Sessions:

Saturday 11:30am-1:30pm
2-hour workshop – 12/29/18
Rt. 140, Boylston