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The Body Challenge

The 12 Week Body Challenge is our custom fat loss lifestyle program that teaches you not just what to eat, but how to eat, without starving, fads or hype. Now in its 11th year,  The Body Challenge delivers incredible results through sustainable habits. If it’s not sustainable it won’t last, and we know it!

This program can be done without ever stepping foot in our gyms or any gym, really. Of course, we encourage you to workout, but you can see amazing results without insane workouts. 

Do this from anywhere! Our program is based entirely online and we currently have participants from all corners of the country.  Get on the list for the next challenge and other programs, deals, and exciting news. 

Next challenge starting APRIL 2022!




    • Informational Kick Off Meeting Event – IN-PERSON + VIRTUAL options
    • Proprietary Nutrition Course with a DONE – FOR – YOU meal plan
    • A written meal plan or CUSTOM MACROS
    • Simple and easy to implement resources on food nutrition and food journaling
    • Access all the course materials from our KAJABI Platform – you will have everything you need for success at your fingertips.
    • Professional Before & After Photos (available only at in-person kick-off)
    • Knowledge that you will own for the rest of your life
    • A designated, experienced Team Captain 
    • Weekly LIVE Coaching calls and team stats
    • Private Facebook Groups for support, questions and community connection
    • Experienced Coaches to check your food-journal (macro followers) and help you make adjustments for maximum results (and learn MyFitnessPal too!)
    • Weekly weigh-ins that you will send from the privacy of your home
    • OPTIONAL: PRIVATE & personalized 1:1 phone coaching (additional low-cost option)
    • Spouse Discount – Sign up with your spouse save 10% each. Spouse discounts cannot be applied to any promotional pricing. Email to get your spouse signed up!
    • Weekly progress tracking. Individual weights are not shared but there is leaderboard recognition for teams and individuals with weekly most pounds lost and most % bodyweight lost.
    • Prizes for the man and woman with the biggest loss in pounds and percent body weight. 



This program is for women and men, 18 and over, who want to lose weight, and keep it off. Challenge participants should be ready to be coached, enjoy being part of a team, and want to join a community of positive like-minded people wanting to succeed.

If you feel stuck, uninspired, and need accountability, this program is for you.

If your goal is to be leaner, healthier, and more confident, this program is for you.

If you are TIRED of losing and gaining the same weight over and over, this program is for you.

If you are gluten-free, plant-based, paleo, or have another dietary preference/limitation, this program is for you. 

If you are done bouncing around from diet to diet and “expert” to “expert”, this program is for you.



We know what it’s like to struggle with weight loss and be confused by all the diet info out there.

At The Fitness Asylum you are not being told what to eat by some twenty-something year-old new trainer who wears a size 00. Your captains and coaches are relatable and experienced. They’ve been through our programs. They know first-hand the struggles and the successes that are out there.

We know the journey and have the experience to help you.

This is a program for real people like you.

You get our proprietary, no-fail nutrition guide (that you will OWN forever and it is constantly updated every new challenge), weekly weigh ins, accountability coaches, and a kickass community all working with you.


FAQs: Got Questions? We have answers!!

Question: Can I do this program if I don’t live in Massachusetts?
Absolutely this is an ONLINE program can be done from anywhere in the world. You need a computer, and a Facebook account.

Question: What are the KICK OFF Details?

DETAILS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON. Each season we host an in-person kick-off meeting before the program begins. There is also a virtual kick-off option for those out of state or cannot attend locally. NOTE: This event is only for participants enrolled in the challenge, and is not an informational session. If you are curious and want to learn more, email or join the FA Insider for more details and updates. 

Question: What If I miss the Kick off?
The Kick Off meeting is a great way to get started, but we understand you might be away or have another obligation, so we do a Facebook Live video which stay recorded on our Private Page. You can still be successful if unable to attend.

Question: What if I am going away on vacation during the 12 weeks?
Missing time for a vacation, or business trip always happens, so no worries at all.
Life happens and this is a 12 week program.

Question: Can I request a Team Captain &/or be on the same team with all of my friends?

While we don’t take friend team requests, if you wish to be on the same team as your friend(s) – you will each fill out the Team Captain request form and request the same Captain- we will do our very best to accommodate.

Question: Am I obligated to all 3 payments?
We are offering our program on a payment plan because we are PARTNERING with you. Part of a partnership is of course to honor the agreement terms. And in short, yes. Once you sign up you are obligated to the terms of our program. Seems fair right?

Question: Who is a Member versus and Non Member?
Member status is for anyone with an Unlimited Membership; Offered in terms of monthly payments: 3 months, 12 months; also One Year Paid In Full . You can become a member and save. Please contact

Question: What are the benefits of being a Member?
Members are given discounts on specialty classes, member raffles, member events and of course the convenience of having bootcamps available in their accounts year round. *CURRENTLY members have access to our PRIVATE members Facebook page where we LIVE stream workouts daily.

Question: Are there certain days & times we have to meet?
Nope. Your Team Captain will suggest some days for Team Workouts or Team get togethers but these are not mandatory. You have total control over your workout schedule. The only “meeting” we would love you to make is the Kick Off meeting. Any “meetings” now with the current COVID-19 situation are held via ZOOM to socialize with your team.

Question: How much weight will I lose?
This depends of course. On average, weight loss for 12 weeks ranges from 15-35lbs. Some might join us for the last 5-10, some might join us to maintain their lost weight. We are here to help you with whatever weight loss goal you have.

Question: Do I have to be on Facebook to join?
While we can’t MAKE you be on Facebook, we do use private pages to disseminate information and you will miss it if you are not on FB. If you want, we are totally ok with you creating an alias. Our private pages are NOT visible to the outside world.

Question: Do you use any special food journals or software?
We recommend MYFITNESSPAL (aka MFP) and will be asking for you to friend us there as well so we can view your food intake and help guide your progress. If you have no idea about this FREE on-line app– don’t worry we have a system and process for onboarding you.

For Spring 2021 we will be hosting our 12 week Program on a platform called KAJABI which is easy to access on your phone, lap top, or desk top computer.

Question: Do I need to workout with this program?

Technically? No. You do not. We do encourage clients to find activities they enjoy and at the very least that could be walking and some basic strength training moves (even at home) 

if you are at home with no plans to join any kind of gym- that is ok! – check out our online bootcamps and bring The Fitness Asylum into your home here:

Question: When are Bootcamps?
We have over 100+ bootcamps weekly – outdoor, indoor and virtual (on zoom and Facebook Live) Here is the schedule:

Question: How far in advance can we sign up for Bootcamps?
Bootcamps can be signed up for 1 week in advance on Mind Body Online.
Please NOTE- there is a $10 late cancel fee and a $25 NO SHOW fee. You will want to manage your schedule. If you have any questions please email:

Question: Can I modify at Bootcamps?
Absolutely, we want you to go at your own pace especially when you first get started or if you have any injuries.

Question: How many Days should I go to Bootcamp?
Most people try to go at least 2x per week. One not need to workout every single day to get results. Food is a minimum of @80-90% of your results.

Question: Do you offer Personal Training?
We offer something better! It’s called Small Group Training and it gets you all the attention and results but at a fraction of the price. Please contact for more info.

Question: Am I required to use special Supplements or Protein Powders?
You are not! Do supplements sometimes help? Yes. Can Protein Powder be a convenience food- Yes. But neither are mandatory. Our weight loss programs are about eating food, not buying supplements.

Question: Do you recommend any supplements?
We have partnered with Poliquin Group for pharmaceutical grade quality and many of our clients do use these for optimal health. As part of our 12 Week Body Challenge we do discuss basic supplementation. 
You can also purchase from POLIQUIN with our affiliate link:

Question: Can I do this and be Keto? (or paleo, Whole30, low carb, Slow Carb, High Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, FODMOPS etc?)
YES! All types of “diets” can be supported with our program. We have had clients be successful with a variety of plans because all diets can work if you know the right way to make them work for you.

Question: I food allergies and sensitivities can I still do this?
Absolutely. We want you to stay away from anything that does not agree with you.

Question: is this program for someone with a lot of weight to lose?
Yes. We have many clients who continue our 12 week programs and have lost 50, 75, 100+ lbs.

Question: Will this work for me if I have 5-7lbs to lose?
This program works very well if you working on those last few stubborn pounds or just getting started on your weight loss journey. We have a community of all shapes and sizes working together successfully supporting one another.

Question: How does this program work for weight loss maintenance?
No one likes to hear this, but the truth is maintenance is pretty much doing what you did to lose weight. And weight loss maintenance is more about mind set and habits which require coaching and accountability just like weight loss. Many of our most successful clients stay on with our programs to work on maintenance.

Question: Do men come to The Fitness Asylum?
Oh hell yes!!! LOL! We do have men who workout with us and who participate in our programs.

Question: Can my kids do this program too?
We suggest that this program is for 18 and up.

Question: How do we get the “spouse discount”?
Please email and she can help you with that transaction. (Spouse discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional pricing).

Question: Is it normal to be afraid to sign up (asking for a friend)?
Very. We understand embarking on something new (or trying to lose weight again) is intimidating. We all fear failure and that is why our program is just as much on MIND SET as it is on the food.

The people who are successful with our program are not better than you, or smarter than you or luckier than you—all they did was take a deep breath- sign up and follow along.

We know you might be nervous but you are not alone. There will be many people ready to work right alongside you to help you be successful.

Question: Who is Bonnie Lefrak and why should I care?
Bonnie who? Ha – kidding!! We know her!

Bonnie Lefrak is a fitness and nutrition coach who has over 15 years of experience helping men and women transform their lives with food and exercise. She struggled with weight, self esteem and tried ALL THE DIETS. 
She fell in love with working out in the early 90’s with Jazzercise and she has been learning and teaching ever since.

Her no BS attitude, years of education, and the thousands of lives she has transformed – make her the perfect coach for anyone looking to lose weight, and feel confident.

Question: What about Coaches and team at The Fitness Asylum?
Every single staff member started as a client first, so they truly know the program and culture and are here to help you be successful.

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