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12 Week TSC Challenge Team

TSC Training Team at The Fitness Asylum

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) Team is a 12 week training program with the ultimate goal of preparing you to compete in the TSC event on October 26, 2019. A true “you vs. you” competition, TSC training will prepare you to make significant gains in strength over the 12 weeks focused on three specific skill sets:
1. A max powerlifting deadlift
2. Pull ups for max reps or a flexed arm hang
3. Kettlebell snatches for time.

Your enrollment in the TSC Team includes an initial evaluation/mid-point assessment and personalized 12 week training program, access to open gym times to complete your training plan, and a motivating crew of like-minded badasses to cheer you on!
This Team is open to all fitness levels, but you should have knowledge of barbell work, kettlebell work and/or have attended our workshops for these skills as there is limited hands-on coaching during the program.

Kick Off: Sunday July 28th 10am-12pm Hudson

Kick off will include:

Overview of the 12 week training course and The Event on October 26th.
Expert Instructors Tobey, Jamie & Beth will do individual assessments for each
participant to measure current level with deadlifts, pull-ups, and snatches.
A Training plan will be created for each client based on assessments and
provided after the kickoff.

Your TSC Team experience will include:

Private Facebook Page
Team Tank Top (provided before the event on 10/26)
Written training plan based on assessment
Open Gym Sessions
Huge Bragging Rights and Personal Bests
Open Gym Sessions:

Open gym days and times will be announced after the kickoff. Others may be added:
■ Tuesdays TBD
■ Thursdays 7:30pm (Summer)
■ Saturday 10:30am (Summer)

Midway Assessment [Date TBD]

TSC Competition:

October 26th – Compete with all your teammates from The Fitness Asylum!
Cost will be $30 to compete – paid directly as registration for the event. Not
included in TSC Training.


Option #1

TSC Team Training All-inclusive with UNLIMITED access to all OPEN GYM sessions

Option #1 Signup!

3 Payments of $133:

3 Payments of $133 Signup!


Option #2

TSC Team Assessment Only
Passes may be purchased for Open Gym is space remains

Option #2 Signup!



ASSESSMENTS ONLY 3 x $100 Signup!


Option #3

Unlimited Open Gym Access ONLY – no assessments – no plan

3 Payments of $100:

3 Payments of $100 Signup!


Level: All.
Barbell, Kettlebell experience (or completion of Barbell Basics and Kettlebell Clinic) required

Deadlift/Snatch Clinic:
Our New Deadlift/Snatch clinic is open to all but tailored to focus on the skills necessary to join our TSC Team. In this 2 hour clinic, the focus will be primarily on the fundamental movements necessary in a Kettlebell Snatch and Barbell Deadlift – two of the three skill sets that comprise the Tactical Strength Challenge. This clinic is a prerequisite if you are considering joining our TSC team and have no prior experience with snatches or deadlifts – but it’s also a great refresher for anyone looking to improve their form and efficiency in these two powerhouse moves.
Level: ALL, (Prerequisite course for TSC Team)

Deadlift/Snatch Clinic
Tuesday 7/23/19 6:30-8:30pm
Cherry St -Hudson Location $69

Deadlift/Snatch Clinic Signup!