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6 Week Faster Fat Loss

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NEW! Faster Fat Loss – 6 Week Challenge

February 24th – April 3rd

What is it?

Have you been wondering about INTERMITTENT FASTING?

Maybe you have tried it and it was too HARD, too CONFUSING or too RESTRICTIVE?

Is your Facebook feed littered with slick marketing for Intermittent fasting programs or posts from frenzied fanatical friends who make all kinds of claims?

I thought so.

My job is to make FAT LOSS simple with NO hype and NO extremes.

When I was first introduced to Intermittent Fasting it was 2009 and I was fortunate to be working 1:1 with Martin Berkan from leangains.com (who is considered by many in the fitness industry to be the leader in smart Intermittent Fasting protocols especially for women).

Since then, I have successfully used Intermittent Fasting (or should we just call it Intermittent Eating) for myself and clients with ease and success.

Our NEW FASTER FAT LOSS 6 Week program can be incorporated with any eating plan.
You do not need to also follow KETO or in fact super low carb if you don’t want.

This particular plan will be written out for you (all spelled out) with a low carb and also carb cycling approach.

But if you rather count MACROS we can customize macros for you including for someone who is a VEGAN or VEGETARIAN too (aka Plant Based or even HIGH CARB!!)

PS: Intermittent Fasting is simply about a controlled eating window. It’s not about starving or going for days on end with no food. And in fact, you can still be successful in our program if that part of the plan does not appeal to you.

What’s Included in the Plan?

Private Faster Fat Loss Coaching Facebook Page. Support from myself and others learning the same new things as you
Two Options for sign up:
1. Nutrition Only Option
2. Nutrition PLUS Unlimited Bootcamps for 6 weeks
Your program emailed to you including done for you – Tracking Tools and Checklists
A written eating plan that is simple to follow
No journaling / No Macro Counting (However Personalized Macros available upon request)
No weekly weigh ins (you will do an initial weigh in and an end weigh in)
Photos and Weigh ins are emailed to us and are not mandatory
Information and Education you can use for a lifetime
Sweet PRIZES!!


$350 Cash – Greatest % of Weight Lost
$250 Wegmans Gift Card – Most Weight Lost
1 Free Specialty Class (8 week session) value $119 – Best Testimonial

Men and Women 18 and over welcome to join.
*1 prize per person


Option 1:
Nutrition Only

a) MEMBER PRICING – Early Bird Rate: $199 until 02/17/2020, and $229 after
* this can only be accessed if a client is on an at min. 3 Month AutoPay Membership*

Nutrition Only Signup!

b) NON MEMBER PRICING – Early Bird Rate: $239 until 02/17/2020 and $269 after

Nutrition Only Signup!

Who gets MEMBER pricing?
Member pricing is reserved for anyone with and AUTO PAY Bootcamp Package or the 1 Year Paid in full Package as long as the membership covers the program time period.

Option 2:
Nutrition PLUS Unlimited Bootcamps

Early Bird Rate: $369 until 02/17/2020 and $399 after
*this is not an auto pay/ auto renew package

Nutrition Plus Unlimited
Bootcamps Signup!


This is the IDEAL program for someone who wants a plan laid out for them THAT IS SUSTAINABLE. (and you will not be hungry…) AND the best part – This program can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

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