16 Week TSC Training | The Fitness Asylum

16 Week TSC Training

TSC Training Team at The Fitness Asylum
16 Week Strength Program

Welcome to our NEW Tactical Strength Challenge Team!!

This will be an opportunity to work on real, measurable, strength improvement AND be part of a team that competes in New Hampshire this spring as part of this StrongFirst event.
You will do Deadlifts, Pull ups & Snatches LIKE A BOSS with this 16 week Program.


Sunday January 6th 1:00pm-3:00pm Hudson

Discuss the 16 week training and The Event on May 4th.
Expert Instructors Tobey, Jamie & Beth will do individual assessments for each participant to measure current level with deadlifts, pull-ups, and snatches.
Tobey will create a training plan for each client based on assessments.

All plans will be ready by 1/13.
Team will include:

Private Facebook Page
Team Tank Top (to be created during the 16 weeks)
Written training plan based on Assessment (if opting into that portion)
Open Gym Sessions (if opting into that portion)
Huge Bragging Rights and Personal Bests

*Please note- there is no “set diet” with this program. This is 100% designed as a strength training program, though “food questions” can be asked on the private page, especially when it comes to fueling for workouts.
Open Gym Sessions:

Open gyms will start the week of January 13th.
To start there will be the following days for Open gyms. More may be added.
Tuesdays 7:30pm (Hudson)
Thursdays 7:30pm (Summer)
Saturday 10:30am (Summer)
Mid way Assessment:

Half-way assessments will be done sometime around March 16th. Details TBD.
TSC Competition Event Date:

Saturday May 4th in New Hampshire Compete with all your team mates from The Fitness Asylum!
Details (time/place TBD)
*(Cost paid to TSC will be $30 to compete)

INTRO Pricing (we start Sunday 1/6- so please sign up prior)
TSC Team Training – All-inclusive with UNLIMITED access to all OPEN GYM sessions

OPTION #1 Signup!

TSC Team Training – No Open Gym Sessions (but access to purchase drop in passes for $10 per class if space remains )

OPTION #2 Signup!

Unlimited Open Gym ONLY – no assessments – no plan

OPTION #3 Signup!