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Successful people work daily on their choices.

Change is hard. It’s a daily struggle. Week 3 is usually “DO OR DIE” time. For all of us.
And riiiiiight before it (any new goal or project) gets EASIER (30 days++) the temptation to quit is high.
If we quit BEFORE we really get started – it’s as if we can avoid failure…because after all- we really didn’t start… so no harm, no foul right?

So maybe if we don’t read the packet, and we don’t journal and we don’t weigh in we can just drift away and it will be no biggie. And I get it. I get that change is OVERWHELMING and we all feel like we can’t even focus on the MFP set up – but the TRUTH is-

EVERY TIME WE QUIT ON OURSELVES we destroy a little piece of our self confidence, our self esteem and we add more chapters to our “WOE IS ME” story. ( I have one too!)
Over time this IS hard to overcome. And the only way out of this vicious cycle is to DECIDE that you will stick it out. AND TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. No matter what.

Human nature dictates that we will ALWAYS gravitate to what is COMFORTABLE. Change is not comfortable. Change requires over riding our brains with new thoughts, new information, new self talk. Every freakin’ day.

That’s why personal growth / personal development is such a HUGE part of lasting weight loss and healthy eating. Our Human instinct is about doing what we FEEL like doing at the time. Instead of doing what we NEED to do and then getting the “feelings” we like.

If you came to the kick off meeting I asked for a show of hands. Raise your hand if you have ever lost weight and gained some or all of it back. How many hands were raised? Every hand in the room.
(I bet the hotel personnel would have raised their hands too)

My point with the question was twofold;

One, I wanted to demonstrate that whether you are NEW to the Body Challenge or you are 4 years in, the “struggle” is similar. So while we try to initiate our new challengers – anyone NOT new still benefits from hearing and practicing over and over.

Secondly I wanted to highlight that we are all working on that “next level”.
AND if you were listening – you heard me say BIKINI is not what we are advocating as “NEXT LEVEL” or Bootcamp Only is not “NEXT LEVEL” it’s not about moving on to a different program –it’s about mastering daily / weekly/ monthly/ yearly goals and plans. It’s about adopting and accepting the lifestyle as a work in progress not as an end goal.

Successful people work daily on their choices.

And this goes for every aspect of life. Professional athletes work every day – hours and hours – on the basics. School teachers and Professors work every day on teaching and correcting the same things over and over. Doctors and nurses perform the same tests and protocols every day. Practice makes perfect.
I could go on and on with the analogies but you get it.

Our program is not just a lose weight “see ya” kind of thing – because we know it takes more than the scale moving to dictate success. You have to commit the system. Yes we are a system!

There are 3 parts to this very simple system.

Part I:

*The Body Challenge basic system *
1) read the packet (and revisit often)
2) pick a macro scheme to follow
3) log your food – everything that touches your tongue
4) weigh in 1x a week at a BC class (and stay off your home scale)
5) engage with your team

That’s it. Now – yes – should you work out… drink water…sleep – yes – but the basic premise that you signed up for is outlined in the 5 simple steps above.

Part II:

*Integrating the Challenge into daily living*
1) Be consistent on a daily basis – log your food daily, prep food every few days
2) Schedule your workouts just like a regular appt.
4) Know your why and think about it daily.

Part III:

*Long term work*
1) Rewrite the story of our past (our PERCEIVED failures and foibles)
2) Do uncomfortable things: like saying “no”, trying a new class, starting a new job,
or a new relationship.
3) Commit (daily) to the process (ie- hard work takes effort)
4) Be HAPPY now rather than look for something or someone to make us happy.
Happiness comes BEFORE the desired outcome.

Start with Part I. Give yourself a fair shot at overcoming your COMFORT ZONE, and shelving your excuses. Know that you are going to make mistakes, and not every day will be your best day but that YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES AND YOU CAN BE SUCCESSUL. But you have to WANT it.
As much as your team captain, team mates and myself can offer MOTIVATION – ultimately motivation is an inside job. Our FEAR of disease, discomfort, emotional or physical pain has to outweigh our fear of change. AND this is an everyday thought process.

Our habits (comfort zone) are hard to change. If you have been eating a bowl of cereal, banana and skim milk every morning for the last 20 years – that is a habit. It’s your comfort zone. If every Friday night you drink a bottle of wine and eat a whole pizza – that is a habit – it’s your comfort zone.
It feels GOOD because it is familiar and easy.

Change is hard and feels crappy – until….. it starts to feel amazing.

When you start eating real food (less sugar) you feel lighter, more energized, less bloated.
You think more clearly, have more hope and are able to deal with life stress more easily.

It’s funny to think about the word comfort – and “comfort foods” – everyone has their idea of comfort foods, comfortable clothes, a comfortable life. But interestingly if you really think about “comfort” it might strike you as a very TEMPORARY feeling. It’s a “ok for now” it’s the immediate band aid for UNCOMFORTABLE.

If I asked you about your relationship with your significant other and you answered
“comfortable” what does that mean? If I asked you about your job – and you said it was “comfortable”
If you picked all your clothing based on comfort – would those clothes make you actually feel good?

The comfort zone is not a BAD place – but it’s not a growth place.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Congratulations to everyone for weighing in and owning the process. So far with this challenge is the best we have EVER done with weigh ins.

I recognize that there might be disappointment with the scale this week. And I know at that moment when you step on the scale and it doesn’t meet your EXPECTATIONS it can be tempting to throw in the towel. Part of stepping outside the comfort zone will involve TRUSTING THE PROCESS and not relying on the scale alone for immediate feedback.

– How do you feel?
– How do your clothes fit?
– What can you improve upon?
– What did you nail?

So the question is how will you step out of your comfort zone this session?
What do you need to ADD? DROP? DO? BE? To get to YOUR next level?

Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.