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Is your biggest fan really just another saboteur?

I have to share this email from a recent Body Challenger- as I think it is so insightful and will help many of you/us with some much needed clarity and perspective.

Maybe you have been “questioned” by people as to when we plan to stop “dieting” or we are told “don’t lose any more weight”… or “don’t get too skinny”….

“Hi Bonnie,

I’ve been contemplating all of this today and I have removed my toxic people from my general life but a phrase that continues to run through my head is “be careful of saboteurs in cheerleader clothing.”

When someone that’s always in your corner cheering you on and telling you how good you’re doing “gives you permission to cheat”,
it somehow seems logical. So I just wanted to share that thought with you as it may help others as well. It’s not that they’re a bad person but they’ve suddenly changed their tune and you’re still buying it.
Be true to yourself and know that what’s wrong is still wrong when condoned by your biggest fan.

Have a great day!”

I think this is an all too common scenario with spouses, family, close friends and coworkers. Because you have changed physically – surely you can “afford” to eat whatever you want. In fact we begin to believe this ourselves.
This can ignite an endless cycle of yo-yoing, binge eating, etc…

I think the secret to LONG TERM weight loss maintenance is the ability to accept some truths, and find the balance that lets you enjoy your life without creating an eating disorder, or a down regulated metabolic state.

Let me elaborate on some of these “truths”:

1. You still have the same number of fat cells – and they are waiting to be filled back up. So although we can EMPTY those cells, they still exist. If you were overweight, you likely have more fat cells then someone who is not.

2. You still have the same physiology- if you are carb intolerant – you might always be that way, or as soon as you start gaining weight – you will create that same environment again. And yes- some people CAN eat whatever they want. You cannot.

3. Weight loss maintenance can’t be a binge/ purge see saw. Eventually the binge behavior becomes too much to outwork thru exercise or starvation. PLUS you will be depressed, lethargic and will have created a hormonal tsunami of sorts. Lowering your metabolic rate so that you gain weight quickly, and you eventually lose the battle.

4. You are NOT on a diet. You are creating a new lifestyle choosing foods and behaviors that serve your needs and your long term health and happiness. Don’t think about breaking your diet, or cheating on your diet. Rephrase these transgressions and you won’t be ON or OFF a diet.

5. People will be jealous and feel threatened and they may not even realize that the things they say and do are damaging, hurtful, and or just obnoxious. But they are. Here’s the deal- no one can make you feel anything. You are 100% in control of how you feel.

6. I hate to say it- but the truth is, most people ARE negative. They are waiting for some external force to make them happy. The fact is – happiness comes from inside you to affect your weight, career, relationships etc…not the other way around. AND you – by proxy of participating in The Body Challenge are not going to share that negative space with others.

7. Your LIFESTYLE choices will expand as you move into maintenance mode.
You will have wine (but not every night). You might even have some PIZZA!! But I bet it will be a much smarter choice when you do it- and these expanded boundaries will not bleed into every day.

8. Maintenance is waaaaay harder than losing. The GRAY AREAS are more difficult to navigate than being black or white. Also the compliments are less plentiful, the scale stops moving – and in fact it might go UP!

9. You will always be working on this LIFESTYLE. It’s the same idea as working at a job. If you stop working, then everything stops working….
you need to put money in the bank – the same way you need to eat the right food at the right times.

10. I have never ever seen anyone just wither away – so don’t worry about losing too much weight. It won’t happen unless you get very sick or purposely starve yourself. Focus less on a number and more on how you feel, how your clothes fit and what your body can do.

11. Lastly – Stop looking for other people to validate you or your choices.
Someone is always going to try to poke a hole in your efforts to better yourself- whether you are headed towards maintenance mode or 100lbs away.
It’s all the same. See it for what it is. And don’t let anyone steal your dreams.

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