There are MANY myths when it comes to weight loss.

– Calories In = Calories Out
– Cardio is a great way to lose weight
– Lifting weights makes you HUGE
– 1200 calories is the right amount of calories for a woman
– Body fat can turn into muscle and vice versa
– Cleanses and Detoxes work (and or are necessary)
– High cholesterol is caused by eating eggs, butter, meat etc…
– Salt is bad for you
and my favorite myth:


This topic came up today on our private BIKINI PAGE and I was reminded HOW MUCH I LOVE to debunk this idea of “moderation”.

I am sure we have all at some point TRIED to eat anything/ everything in moderation.

1) If you are addicted to sugar – and most people are to some degree or another – it is really silly to think that having 1 cookie or ½ cup of ice cream (the recommended serving size) is going to
NOT send us in to a sugar tailspin. At least in the beginning of your journey….

2) Eating junk food EVEN if you could do it in moderation is not healthy and will not make you leaner.

People who are lean (like with nice muscles) do not eat chips or candy or ice cream every day. And by people – I mean adults.

Not talking about kids, or the “skinny” person we all know. And often that BITE every night – starts to snowball into much more. Often people do not realize all the nibbles and bites they take.
And how they add up.

To be lean – you will need to eat CLEAN at least 80% of the time. For some of us – it could be 85-90%.
We are all different.

No I am not saying you NEVER EVER can eat “fun stuff”. You can – but it’s about being strategic and also realistic.

That is why it takes time to adopt clean eating as a “lifestyle”. Lifestyle means that MOST OF THE TIME, without having to THINK about it, you are making good decisions without any issues. By issues – I mean we are not angry and resentful; we are content with our choices and decisions.
Living the “lifestyle” means that on special occasions (NOT EVERY WEEKEND) you CAN choose to have the wine, the beer, the cake etc…. but if you do this all the time you will not meet your goals and you will struggle – and I will be bold and say—- ALWAYS.
You will ALWAYS lose the fight if you think you can have anything you want in moderation.

It’s like saying crack is ok in moderation. No one does a LITTLE crack…maybe it started off as a small crack hobby, but like anything addictive it will quickly turn you into a crackhead. We all have our crack.
So knowing this, and living with this TRUTH is the key to freedom from the struggle.

If you know you are addicted to sugar, and you will eat it if it’s in your house – do not bring in in your house. This does feel and seem ABSOLUTE I realize, but it’s just reality. Why LIE to yourself and play the game over and over (the game where whomp whomp whomp YOU LOSE)!!!

I will tell you this…. Over time, when you are CHOOSING to indulge – you will notice that you CAN leave some of the dessert on the plate. You can have a BITE of something and NOT go BAT SHIT CRAZY.

One thing that will really help – be sure you are not overly restricting calories. For those who eat too little, you are MOST susceptible to this trap. As soon as you do have something heavy in sugar and fat, the wheels come flying off the wagon at lightning speed.

When people eat enough – adequate calories – especially protein and fat you do not feel deprived and you do not have intense cravings. You do not get tempted to have bites, licks, nibbles and noshes that add up to extra calories or set off a binge.

I am not trying to come off as Debbie Downer or WORSE a Food Nazi (and I do not use the word Nazi lightly) – because I do believe in BALANCE. But I am also a realist and an experienced “dieter”.
I have learned from my own experiences and those of my hundreds and hundreds of clients that “everything in moderation” does not work and if it does it’s very short term.

Not all calories are created equal. Calories from nachos, French fries and s’mores are not going to behave the same way as calories from salad, grass fed burgers and cottage cheese.
Nor will the crap calories give you the nutrition that you need. They WILL spike your blood sugar and make your pancreas go into overdrive.

Often when looking at food journals – people can make the junk food fit their macros – and this of course is CLEVER – but not the program. The results of the sugar diet will not give you a lean healthy body.

The other issue – and this is 90% of what I see in food journals – UNDER EATING.

Under eating over time reduces your metabolism because your body will start to conserve energy starting with slowing down of your thyroid.

Under eating will also cause cravings and will also result in binge eating – note – not eating Junk in moderation. Junk is highly caloric and therefore add in LOTS OF JUNK to a starved body and you have a TSUNAMI of body fat headed your way.

When you do lose weight from undereating you do lose muscle. That also contributes to having MORE body fat and a slower metabolism.

But YES- you will also lose some fat. Anyone who loses fat does lose the fat from inside the fat cell, but does not lose the fat cell. That means we can lose fat, but still walk around with deflated fat cells. And yes those fat cells would like to be filled back up again. Really really badly…

Usually when I talk about the empty fat cells… people do THINK TWICE about indulging.

It is easy to gain weight back if you do not change behaviors. Try to create and accept a more GLOBAL VISION for your future, and by that I mean what you are doing to lose weight will be what you need to keep the weight off. Maintenance is NOT eating anything you want in moderation. Maintenance is discovering if you are an 80% clean or a 90% clean…. It’s finding that balance where having the occasional glass of wine or pizza doesn’t undo all your hard work.

Some of us will have more wiggle room, some of us will not. IF WE WANT TO ACHIEVE OUR GOALS and not yo yo diet.

To be successful – ditch the myths. Forge a new path. And trust the process.

One of my favorite articles is from Charles Poliquin. I usually post it every new 12 week Body Challenge:


And ps: the book mentioned in this article is worth reading:
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck

pps: Not everyone will agree with me. And that’s ok.

Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.