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10 Things That Bikini Competitors want to share with you

10 Things That Bikini Competitors want to share with you:

1. Age is just a number.
Don’t let your age stand in your way of getting in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.
We have so many over 50 (even 60+ year old role models at The Fitness Asylum).

2. Follow the (fucking) plan.
Avoid getting distracted by other people; the guy at the supplement store or some
21 year old Instagram sensation…. Put your blinders on.

If you follow the plan you will get results.
The plan = eat the food.
If you make up your own rules – you will not get the desired results.

3. Gradually add workouts, and then gradually decrease…
The art of getting lean is not about killing yourself with workouts.
It is about ramping up and backing off and making it so that you have time to recover.
Workouts are for maintaining and building muscle, and burning fat.
You can’t however burn fat if you are constantly “cheating” on your plan.

4. 12-16 weeks goes really REALLY fast.
I know… some days you just feel like you won’t make it.
But it’s just one day at a time.
And CONSISTENCY is the secret sauce.

5. There is never an IDEAL TIME to do “this” (or any challenge)
Life always gets in the way. Within any 12 +week block you are bound to run into
other obligations that will require your time. Always.
Weddings, funerals, holidays, business trips, vacations, fundraisers, sickness, stress, etc…
You need to stick to your commitment no matter what. Really.

It’s not like you would stop showering, or brushing your teeth during these times because you are so busy? So why would you stop eating right?
(writes the woman who has not showered…)

6. Haters be hating.
Yes, you can expect minimal support and or understanding from the outside world as you want
to heat up your eggs or fish in the microwave… (ps: the whole Bikini Challenge is not about eating fish 24/7 contrary to popular belief!!)

Haters make us work harder.
So ignore or embrace but don’t rely on others to give you helpful feedback or boost your confidence.

ps: Confidence is an inside job.

7. The TEAM is KEY.
The community aspect in terms of success rate is HUGE.
People who participate in the group are not only making friends but also adding in another layer of accountability. Which is a good thing!! Lean on others in the group and they will prop you up as needed.
Our team is a huge reason people stick with their intentions and get results.

8. Be ALL in.
Sometimes we fear failure so much that we of course create our own obstacles.
There were quite a good number of women who EASILY could have made it all the way to the
stage but they didn’t do it. FEAR held them back and not that getting on stage really matters- it’s the IDEA of getting on stage. It’s seeing something to fruition, even when it’s a GRIND.
So many of us can be really successful, and we just stop ourselves….

9. Embrace Change.
The Bikini plan is full of change. Every week the food plan changes – some weeks the carbs get cycled up and down, some weeks food are added, and some weeks they are eliminated.
Only at the very end are calories cut. I know it’s hard to think about eating MORE or eating MORE carbs, but done incrementally it works really well, you have to be willing to change.
I know we are all creature of habit. We stick to our (silly) ways even though we know they no longer are serving us. Yes it’s ok to STRUGGLE with change – that means you are engaging in it.

10. Love your body no matter where you are in the process.
It is important to love your body for what it can do not just for what it looks like.
No one has a perfect body. And you will have days that you like what you see and days that you HATE HATE HATE. That’s normal. Be OK with the process and have faith that over time you will start to like what you see. Maybe not every day, but who loves EVERTHING OR EVERYONE every day???
I would say 99.999% of the women who got on stage had DOUBTS.
And I would say 100% of them are so happy they followed through, even if they still had weight to lose.

YOU CAN LOVE YOUR BODY AND WANT TO CHANGE IT (improve it, challenge it etc)

For those of you thinking about something like THE BIKINI CHALLENGE- yes you too can do this!
Anyone can. Start now – working on your mind set and embrace THIS challenge.
We only have the time we have… Once the time is gone, it’s time not spent reaching your goals.

Not up for the stage? That’s OK too!! We also have our 12 Week Fall Body Challenge enrolling now and starting 9/9. We have transformation programs that meet you where you are at.

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