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10 Steps to Success

You know by now there is no magic bullet, no fat burning pill, no special prayer, and no deal with the devil that will deliver you effortlessly to the body you desire

BUT – good news – we do have the recipe to help you reach your goals. All you have to do is bring YOU to the equation!

We pride ourselves on helping people transform their lives on all levels. So what does it really take?

If I had to boil down the tenants of our Body Challenge Programs this would be our Top 10 (in no particular order)

1. Plan out your workouts
For the week. Write them into your calendar, make them a priority.
Set a workout goal. Do this religiously EVERY WEEK.
Keep your appointments.

2. Walk
Yep – get out and walk. Ideally you are outside, but a treadmill can work at night or with bad weather. Move. Walk the hills, walk quickly, clear your mind and yes… burn some fat.

Walking is a fully functional activity that is not reliant on a machine to do the movements for you – like an elliptical or exercise bike.
-Try to BUILD up your days and time.
-Recruit a Dog
-Recruit a Buddy
-Commit to a time and day
All the walkers in my neighborhood look lean, all the joggers look OLD and or FAT. Why, because stressful exercise raises your cortisol levels. Since you are already doing BOOTCAMPS and such balance out your routine and walk.

Need to bump it up – ADD a sprint day – sprinting will give you the fat burn- where jogging will train your body to store fat.

But ditch the “jogging”, and dates with the elliptical.

3. Fix your digestion
Are you bloated, gassy, nauseous, constipated, lethargic… how do you feel after you eat?

Do you pay attention to how certain foods make you feel?
If you are not properly digesting food, you are not absorbing nutrients and you are going into starvation. That will make fat loss impossible- at least for the long term.
– Stop eating things that do not agree with you.
– Research food intolerance’s and consider eliminating the foods that most commonly aggravate people: wheat, gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts….
– ROTATE your foods especially proteins. Do not eat eggs every day, do not eat the same meal every day for days on end. You actually will develop antibodies to these proteins.
– Fix constipation with Magnesium, Vitamin C, water, vegetables.
– Consider adding HCL (Digest Force) to fix low stomach acid (I know you *think* you have heart burn- but in reality if you are over 35 years old you have LOW stomach acid as the root of your indigestion)

4. Lift heavy
Challenge yourself. Muscle is metabolic – fat is not.
You can TONE muscles. You cannot tone fat.
Lifting weights does not make you bulky. Your diet does.

5. Make FOOD PREP a non negotiable
It’s a lot easier to cook 6 chicken breasts at a time rather than cook a fresh meal 5x’s per day. Especially when you are hungry – you will end up grabbing whatever you can and eating it.

6. Change your FAT PHOBIA
Carbs (in excess) make you fat. Fat does not make you fat. Carbs are non essential. Fat is essential.
Most of us were raised in the NO FAT, LOW FAT product zone…. those foods tend to be FRANKEN foods or a chemical shit storm. Yes, some people can eat more carbs, most of us cannot.

If you need to lose weight, I will argue that you do not handle carbs very well. That being said vegetables are a healthy carb, and becoming a carb a phobe is not the goal either.

Do note that NUTS have fat + carbs (as does pizza and ice cream) so that’s why they need to be eaten in moderation.

7. Avoid Under Eating
This is one of the tough ones- I know. Mentally we all believe “dieting” is about cutting calories. So we cut. Under eating will burn up more muscle than fat and start o slow down your overall metabolic rate. You may end up lighter- even wearing smaller clothes, but you run the risk of a rebound weight gain as you will have trouble staying below 1000 calories per day.
It is OK to have 1 day every so often as an under eating day. Most days you want to avoid that.

Under eating potentially can slow thyroid hormones down as part of this down regulating of metabolism and it’s not something that will click back on!

8. Get blood work/ Get the MEDICAL attention you need
What is your vitamin D status?
Do you suspect a thyroid issue?
Do you have a knee or shoulder that is preventing you from working out?
Whatever the issue- take care of it. Take the TIME to take of YOU.
Do some research. Do not rely on your doctor (no matter how nice they are) to be looking out for you.
You need to be in ACTIVE control of your health.

9. Do not let yourself get hungry
Plan on eating every 3 hours – and make it something based in protein.
Once your HUNGER sets in you are setting of a whole cascade of hormonal events.
Blood sugar will dip and rise and cortisol will spike and blood sugar will shoot higher and cortisol will shoot even higher……….
Notice how people who eat 1-2 times per day are fat?

10. Set a weekly weight loss goal or weight you will achieve
Write it down in your calendar. Commit to it, Own it, yearn for it.
Do everything you need to do to get there.
Stop making excuses as to why you didn’t, why you couldn’t.

If you dream about wearing a bathing suit this summer with pride, or wearing designer jeans, or wearing the clothes that USED TO FIT…. then you owe it you yourself to follow your dreams and feel good about yourself, your accomplishments and ultimately your personal integrity.

Even if it is a slow process – be in the process no matter what.

Giving up is not an option. All of you are more than capable of success.
Look at all that you have achieved in your life so far!!

YES you will have some days where you feel HIGHLY motivated and some days where you will not, that’s NORMAL. Stop judging and keep doing.

Pick ONE. And try it on.

Maybe look at this list every week and see what you might focus on next.

Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. This training is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.