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10 Hallmarks of a Successful Body Challenge

Maybe you are wondering what will you get when you join our 12 Week Body Challenge?
Here are some takeaways our clients have gotten with our program.

1) You have at least 5 “go-to” meals

Whether you are a cook or not- you can easily think of and put together (or purchase) 5 meals that meet your macro needs. This 5 may rotate – but you can name 5 meals that work for you.

2) You are willing to TRY

You have tried new foods – maybe bison was new or cauliflower rice – but something new is in your repertoire. That you even LIKE.

3) Right now you can list 1 or more NSV’s – (Non Scale Victories)

-could be athletic based – like performing push ups or pullups.
-could be wearing smaller clothes
-maybe you stepped out of your comfort zone and learned to ski or play tennis
-perhaps you got a new job or promotion that you attribute to your new found confidence
Think about the ways that measure success beyond the scale.

4) Working out is part of your world.

Not saying you have to be a workout junkie- but that you actually TRIED working out and gave it a fair chance. No matter what workout you pick- usually the first workout is the worst workout.
No one feels comfortable in their first yoga class, kettlebell class – or certainly Bootcamp.
It takes time to learn the movements and even more time to get comfortable executing them.
But NOT going doesn’t make the process easier.

If you are injury free – you owe it to yourself to move your body. If you have an injury -work around it.
Don’t push through pain and or ignore medical advice – but do stay as active as you can -modifying as needed. No excuse to be inactive.

5) You are working on your mind set

Not every day is sunshine and roses. Many days can be a shit sandwich – but you are recognizing that you can control your thoughts and feelings and that you do have power in this crazy world to positively affect your health and wellbeing.

6) The scale is not your friend

Yes you read that right. The scale is just a scale. It’s not a friend- nor an enemy. Are you still working on your love affair with that tin machine or have you started to elevate your perspective.
I know we ask for a weekly weigh in. It’s one accountability component. It will fluctuate. It will even lie… it’s just a tool for use to see the greater picture. Like are you eating enough? Are you dehydrated? Are you gaining muscle? Are your carbs too high or too low?
The scale does not play games with us – it is us who play the game.
If you are a PLAYA – think about ways you overcome that self-sabotaging habit.

7) You are connecting

Part of what makes the Body Challenge work- it truly is a group effort. They say it takes a village – and that is so true. Between the Bootcamps and Facebook groups you really can surround yourself with positive people going in the same direction as you. BUT – and there is always a but… you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable on some level. It’s very hard to connect with people when you walk around surrounded by a wall of your own design.

As someone who has spent many years behind the wall (or multiple walls) – I can tell you it’s way more frightening in your head than in reality of you let people get to know you.

Not saying you need to blab your whole life story – STORY – capital S – story with anyone who doesn’t run fast enough- but I can assure you that people at FA are on your side and do want to help you.

Be a friend and make a friend.

8) You have GOALS

Big goals. If your goals scare you a little bit – that’s a good goal.
Shooting high is the way to go. Don’t rip yourself off with some puny goals because you are afraid of failure. The only way to be successful is to fail. That means you are trying.

9) Your new mantra is “Get the fuck back up”

Please think of me – and hear me whispering (or yelling) in your ear-
GET THE FUCK BACK UP anytime and every time you fall down. Because if you follow the system you will fall down. You will have bad days – or weeks- or god forbid months – but as long as you get back up you are in the game.

10) You are grateful

What you give is what you get. I think we have all heard that a million times and it is so very true.
Sometimes we think we have nothing to give. Gratitude is free it doesn’t cost a thing.
Be loving, sharing, and caring and you will get it back . This is part of the head game.
Fear on one side and hope on the other. Look for ways to be grateful and you will find your head filled with hope and not fear. It is a process. As a concept this all sounds super neato – but do allow yourself to stumble through – but keep coming back to gratitude.

We do life 12 Weeks at a time! Next Body Challenge is 9/9, enrollment starts soon…..

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