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Self Made Custom Coaching

If you’re a woman 35+ years old, who wants to lose weight, eliminate all the BS food drama, without killing yourself in the gym…
AND you are and action-taker who wants a body AND a life you love….

This program is for you.

Self Made is our premier program that will get you all those results AND include the critical information women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond need.

If you are ready to feel like you again, or even better … Self Made and Coach Bonnie Lefrak are here for you.

This is a premier program that includes:

  • Strict or Flexible Plan – whatever is MOST sustainable for you
  • Online – live anywhere in the world and work with us
  • Personalized / Customized plan created for your lifestyle
  • High accountability – yep – lots of attention
  • Private small group
  • Hormones – habits – mindset

No more feeling stuck. No more yo-yo diets or feeling out of control. This is NOT another gym challenge…
This is what you have been waiting for – click below and apply now:
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