Why we are different | The Fitness Asylum

Why we are different

At The Fitness Asylum we challenge the conventional and we get results.* We pick up where your monthly membership gyms have let you down.*

Whether you’re sick of the same routine, have a few pounds or significant weight to lose, want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or have heard the buzz and just want to check us out, our door is always open. Whether you haven’t exercised in 10 years or are a workout queen, you will belong.

When you join The Fitness Asylum you get strong* – and we’re not just talking about physically. You become part of a community. You grow. You gain knowledge, and you change.* Yes, you will lose weight if that’s your goal, but that is just one benefit* – a byproduct of what you really get when you join the Fitness Asylum.*

If you are ready for more than a workout. Have tried it all and are tired of spinning your wheels, it’s time to become part of our inner circle. You won’t regret it.
We created The Fitness Asylum to be an escape from mainstream gyms. Though we are an edgy, boutique fitness studio, we want this to be your sanctuary from the daily grind. We offer a variety of personal and small group classes designed to help you unlock your true potential and achieve your goals. Here, you are not paying for a traditional gym membership you won’t use.


The Fitness Asylum is excited to be named by the Central Mass Telegram & Gazette
for TWO AWARDS: Best Fitness Facility and Best Trainer.

And The Fitness Asylum is the two time (two years in a row) winner for the
Worcester Business Journal’s Best of Business Awards (BOB Award).