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Why we are different

Here’s the difference between us and everybody else:

You know how there is so much information on fitness and nutrition that it’s confusing (even frustrating??!!) to figure out what really works?

Not to mention all the self-proclaimed fitness guru’s (insta famous) who think that posting photos of themselves …is gonna help you. (as if)

Well, we understand your issues and have made it our mission to solve them by providing metabolic (aka fat burning) workouts and transformation programs with accountability and community that deliver the results you have been chasing.
And without 1 single selfie of me LOL!

Looking for weight loss? We are here to help you lose the first 50 lbs or the last 5.

Looking to get stronger? We are here to give you a safe and effective workout that you actually enjoy. You will see lean muscle and more definition. (oh hell yes)

Looking to be comfortable and feel like you belong? We have a welcoming community of people just like you. All fitness levels, all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome here.

We have 9 years of testimonials, 9 years of before and afters and 9 years of happy, successful clients who came us after feeling frustrated, bored, fearful and defeated.

Bottom line… Real People work out here and work with us online too.

Ohh… and all of our coaches teaching the classes…?
The started as clients just like you.

We would love to partner with you and help you reach your goals (and beyond).


Oh and…. For 3 years running, The Fitness Asylum has been named by the Central Mass Telegram & Gazette for TWO AWARDS:

Best Fitness Facility and Best Trainer (2016, 2017 & 2018).

The Fitness Asylum is the two time (two years in a row) winner for the
Worcester Business Journal’s Best of Business Awards (BOB Award) (2016 &2017).
Be part of the community that makes a difference.