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General Questions

Mind Body online / signing up for class or making a purchase


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General Questions

Do you offer refunds?
Your purchases are non-transferable and non returnable. In the case of a medical emergency or issue, we are happy to extend your session or program into the future when you have been cleared to resume your workouts with a doctors note provided.

I am new to the Fitness Asylum. Do I need to fill any forms?
All participants will need to fill out an online Liability Waiver or can be filled out upon your first visit. Looking forward to meeting you!

Do I need to be cleared by my doctor to participate in classes?
If you are not cleared for exercise by your physician, we do ask for written clearance from your doctor before participating in any of our programs.

When is the class payment due?
We kindly ask for your payment at least 1 week prior to class start date. Classes with less than 6 paid participants will be postponed or cancelled. Also many classes DO sell out. Sign up early to get the best price and to ensure a spot. We also reserve the right to charge late fees as needed.

What if I miss a class?
Most classes can easily be made up at another class time during the week. We ask that you make up any missed class during that particular session. Of course we are happy to flexible if we know your circumstances. One class substitution per session barring medical emergencies please!
Contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com to arrange your make up classes.

How do I register for classes?
You can register for classes via MBO.
Please familiarize yourself with our MBO policies. If you have any problems or questions regarding MBO, please contact Catherine Provencher at catherine@fitness-asylum.com.

Do men work out here too?
Yes , we are co-ed and we have seen more and more men step into our classes and programs.

Can my kids work out here too?
While this is an adult facility, if you plan to take the classes with your child we are happy to oblige. Kids 12-14 should be with a parent. Kids 14 and above who do not have any limitations can take class without a parent. We do periodically offer bootcamps specifically for younger kids.

I have some injuries can I make modifications to the workout?
As long as you are medically cleared to workout we are happy to have you in class. Please go at your own pace and make the modifications your doctor or physical therapist has advised.

If you have any questions about any of our upcoming classes please email Bonnie Lefrak at bonnie@fitness-asylum.com.
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Mind Body online / signing up for class or making a purchase

How do I create an account?
To create an account, visit us online at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=185654&stype=-98. Click “create new account” and follow the steps on the website. Be sure to complete all the information needed.

How do I sign up for class?
To sign up for classes, visit us online at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=185654&stype=-98. Login to your account using your e-mail and password. Click the “CLASSES” tab at the top of the page. Scroll through to find the class you would like to take and click the “Sign Up Now” button. Then click “Make a Single Reservation” to confirm.

You can sign up for classes one week in advance. If you cannot make it to your scheduled class time, please cancel your reservation at least 3 hours in advance to avoid fees.

What are my bootcamp purchase options?
We have class packages available to suit everyone’s needs!
Our Unlimited Bootcamp options include unlimited for one week, one month, or one year. You have the ability to pay for a single purchase at a time, or sign up for auto-enroll. If you opt to go with the auto-enroll, you will receive a discount on monthly purchases. Single time- one year payments will also receive a discount.

Some of our nutritional programs (30 Day Sprint, FitBody Blueprint, Beach Body Bootcamp) come with the option to have Unlimited Bootcamps included for the duration of the challenge.

Other Nutritional Challenges (The Body Challenge, Bootcamp Only, Bikini Bootcamp) come with access to a discounted class rate ($5). Packages of 6, 12, 18, or 24 bootcamps can be purchased when enrolled in these programs. The bootcamps purchased at the discounted rate are valid of the duration of the program and expire once the program ends.

I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
If you are having trouble logging in to your MINDBODY Online account, first try using the “forgot password” and “forgot username” links. If you still cannot log in to your account, contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com.

Why can’t I sign up for class?
In order to sign up for class, you must have valid, unassigned bootcamp passes available. Check the expiration date on your package to be sure that your pass is valid. You must have bootcamp passes in your account to sign up for future classes, and the passes must not be associated with another class. The bootcamp classes associated with Nutritional Challenges (The Body Challenge, Bootcamp Only, Bikini Bootcamp) are only valid during the dates of the challenge.

When is my credit card charged? (see also: Late Cancel/ No Show Policy)
For standard purchases, your card will be charged immediately. Please allow 1-3 business days for charges to appear on your credit card statement.

If you are enrolled in an auto-renew program for Unlimited Bootcamps, your card will be charged on the same day (you choose upon enrolling) each month.

If you cancel your bootcamp reservation less than 3 hours before class or no show, your card will be charged the appropriate late cancel/ no show fee.

When can I cancel my auto-renew program?
Auto-renew programs are contracted for one year. For medical reasons, a membership can be cancelled after 30 days notice with an approved doctor’s note.

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What are the bootcamp classes like?
Our bootcamp classes offer a fun, circuit-style workout for all fitness levels. Our instructors are trained to work with a variety of clients and are there to offer you a safe, high energy class where you can reach your personal goals. Instructors design classes to provide a full-body workout that includes metabolic conditioning and strength training. Bootcamp classes generally run for one hour with time for sign ins and an exercise demo at the beginning of class. Please plan to arrive on time so you know what the class format and exercises will be.

What should I bring with me to class?
Please have clean sneakers, water, and a towel for sweat. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If you would like to purchase merchandise on site, please bring a check or exact cash.

How do I sign up for bootcamp?
To sign up for bootcamp classes, log in to your MINDBODY Online account at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=185654&stype=-98. Login to your account using your e-mail and password. Click the “CLASSES” tab at the top of the page. Scroll through to find the class you would like to take and click the “Sign Up Now” button. Then click “Make a Single Reservation” to confirm.

What is the policy on late cancels/ no shows?
If you cannot attend your scheduled class, please cancel your reservation at least three (3) hours in advance. If you cancel less than 3 hours in advance, the credit card on file in your MINDBODY Online account will be charged a fee of $10. If you do not cancel your reservation in advance, you will be charged a no show fee of $25.

How far in advance should I sign up for classes?
You can register for class one week in advance.

What are the different bootcamp packages?
We offer a variety of package options for Bootcamp Passes. If you are not enrolled in a Nutritional Program we offer the 10/20 Class Passes, One Month Unlimited on a month to month basis with no commitment, or we also have a One Month Auto Renew 12 Month Contract Program.
All Bootcamp Package offerings can be found here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=185654&stype=41&sTG=26

What happens if I am put on a waitlist?
If you are put on a waitlist, you will be notified via text or e-mail (based on your preferred profile settings) if you get into the class. The majority of the time, our waitlists move all the way through and you will end up getting into the class. If you are on a waitlist but do not think you will make it to class, remove yourself from the list so you do not end up being charged a late cancel or no show fee if you do make it into the class.

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Specialty Classes

What Specialty Classes are offered?
We offer a variety of different Specialty Classes! AMP, BOXING, HARDCORE, HIITY BITTY, KETTLEBELLS, just to name a few…

All Specialty Classes offered are described and listed here: www.fitness-asylum.com/specialty-classes/class-descriptions.

What if I can’t make it to my Specialty Class?
If you can not make it to a class you can let your instructor know, or email catherine@fitness-asylum.com. There are no additional fees associated with cancelling a class as you have paid upfront for the entire session. We do allow one makeup per session with in the same session, you would email Catherine Provencher to coordinate your make up class.

How do I sign up for Specialty Classes?
To enroll for a Specialty Class, you would log into the desktop version of your account (not the app) Click on the Specialty Classes Tab and select and enroll for the class of your choosing there. Here is a direct link to our Specialty Class offerings on MINDBODY Online: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=185654&stype=-8&sView=day&sLoc=0
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The Body Challenge

What is The Body Challenge?
This program is for anyone looking to improve their body composition, health and energy and create a LIFESTYLE change; whether your goal is to shed those last five lbs. or lose 50-100 lbs.

Who is the program for?
The 12 Week Body Challenge is for anyone who is committed to making a change and and wants accountability, support and community. We work with men and women as well as teens.

What if I am a picky eater or have food allergies?
We can work with anyone to find the right foods for your health and fat loss journey. This is not a pre written diet.

Is this a Low Carb plan?
Since we are working with macros (macronutrients) this can be a low carb, or paleo/ whole30, KETO or carb cycling plan. We can work with all macro formulas to find what works best for you.

Do I need to be on Facebook?
We do use Facebook private (secret) groups to communicate and having Facebook will be a way for your to connect with others and get information.

How do I sign up for The Body Challenge?
You can enroll for our 12 Week Body Challenge through MINDBODY Online using this link:
You can also pay exact cash or check at any of our locations prior to a bootcamp class.

Do I have to attend pre-registration?
It is helpful but not mandatory to attend the pre-registration to expedite the check in process day of kickoff.

Do I have to attend kickoff?
It is advised to attend the kickoff to receive all program materials, (get your photo and weigh in if you did not do at pre-registration) and listen to a detailed description of the program. If you absolutely can not attend, you will still be able to participate in the program. We understand people have business trips, vacations, kids activities etc. that can get in the way.

What do I need to do before the challenge starts?
Prior to the challenge beginning, you will want to be sure your client forms are filled out- the Waiver and the Non-Disclosure- those forms can be filled out using this link, and they will be uploaded to your MINDBODY account.

Also, you should set up an account (its free) with My Fitness Pal to begin to journal your
food: https://www.myfitnesspal.com. There is both a desk top and smart phone version.

What if you are not local, or live out of state?
We offer a Nutrition Only option, that can be done from anywhere. We have had people successfully participate from all over the United States and beyond. If you are not local or out of state we can mail out any materials. Please contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com

Who is a Member versus and Non Member?
Member status is for anyone with an AUTO PAY Bootcamp option.
Auto pay options exist for unlimited bootcamps or for 8 Classes Monthly.

How do I become and member and get MEMBER pricing?
Super easy- go to the Bootcamp page and pick which auto pay (member option) works best for you. www.fitness-asylum.com/bootcamps

Does The Body Challenge come with Bootcamps?
You can purchase The Body Challenge as a member and get discounted pricing OR You can buy 24 Bootcamps with The Body Challenge (option #2 above) OR you can buy a 12 Class pass. The Auto pay options and 12 class pass are both on the bootcamp page www.fitness-asylum.com/bootcamps
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30 Day Sprint Contest

What is the 30 Day Sprint?
The 30 Day Sprint Contest is a program offered to jump start or restart your weight loss journey. A meal plan is provided and you have the option of purchasing the program with or without unlimited bootcamps (valid during the 30 days). You will send your starting/ final weight and before after photos to sprint@fitness-asylum.com at the beginning and end of the contest. For more information visit www.fitness-asylum.com/body-challenges/30-day-sprint-contest.

How do I sign up for the Sprint?
You can sign up for the 30 Day Sprint Contest using your MINDBODY Online account, or to pay by cash/ check, visit any Fitness Asylum location at the beginning of a scheduled bootcamp class.

Where do I send my weigh in and before/ after pictures?
Your weight and photos can be sent to catherine@fitness-asylum.com.
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What is the Bikini Bootcamp?
Our Bikini & Physique Team Challenge is designed to help you get on stage as a fitness competitor. The program offers a team atmosphere for first timers as well as seasoned competitors and pros. The challenge includes a meal plan, individual coaching via weekly weigh ins/ check ins, a private facebook support group, guidance around show day preparation (posing, hair/makeup/tan/suit, etc), and has the option to purchase bootcamp classes or an individual exercise plan. For more information visit www.fitness-asylum.com/body-challenges/bikini-challenge.

How do I sign up for Bikini Bootcamp?
You can sign up for the Bikini & Physique Team Challenge using your MINDBODY Online account, or pay by cash/ check, visit any Fitness Asylum location at the beginning of a scheduled bootcamp class.

Do I need to attend the kickoff?
You should plan to attend the kickoff meeting to get all the information you need about the challenge and competition. You will also be getting your start weight recorded and a professional before photo taken. The opportunity to meet Coach Bonnie Lefrak and show coordinator Nancy Andrews in person also takes place at the kickoff. If you are absolutely unable to attend, you can still participate in the challenge.

What are the added costs associated with competing?
Competitors should plan to see additional costs for food, supplements, purchasing a swimsuit, shoes, and any jewelry to wear on the day of the show. Tanning, hair, and makeup will also be required. Prior to the show, posing classes and the purchase of supplements should be taken into account. Fees for competing in the featured show and any additional shows may vary.

How do I know if this program is right for me?
If you are looking to take your fitness journey to the NEXT LEVEL by getting on stage, this program is for you. This program is designed as a contest diet and exercise plan for those who are serious about getting on stage.

What if I do not want to get on stage?
If you do not want to get on stage, you may want to consider one of our other programs such as The 12 Week Body Challenge or 30 Day Sprint Contest. This program is designed with an end game (show day) in mind and may also be ideal for someone looking to do a fitness photo shoot. For those who are interested in general weight loss and learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 12 Week Body Challenge is the best fit.
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