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General Questions

MindBody Online/Signing Up for Classes


Nutrition Programs

General Questions

I am new to the Fitness Asylum. Do I need to fill any forms?
All participants will need to fill out an online Liability Waiver or can be filled out upon your first visit. Looking forward to meeting you!

Do I need to be cleared by my doctor to participate in classes?
If you are not cleared for exercise by your physician, we do ask for written clearance from your doctor before participating in any of our programs.

When can I sign up for classes?
We allow up to one week ahead sign ups!  Many classes DO fill fast! Sign up early to ensure a spot. We also reserve the right to charge late fees as needed.

*classes with less than 6 paid participants are subject to cancellation

Do men work out here too?
Yes , we are co-ed and we have seen more and more men step into our classes and programs.

Can my kids work out here too?
While this is an adult facility, if you plan to take the classes with your child we are happy to oblige. Kids 12-14 should be with a parent. Kids 14 and above who do not have any limitations can take class without a parent. We do periodically offer FITKIDS classes! 

I have some injuries can I make modifications to the workout?
As long as you are medically cleared to workout we are happy to have you in class. Please go at your own pace and make the modifications your doctor or physical therapist has advised.

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MINDBODY Online & Class Sign Ups

How do I create an account?
 You can create an account HERE! Follow the prompts to “create new account”  Be sure to complete all the information needed and sunscribe to all notifications so you do not miss any important updates

! How do I register for classes?
 For easy booking download THE FITNESS ASYLUM APP!
Please familiarize yourself with our policies. If you have any questions regarding MINDBODY or your account, please contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com.

I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
If you are having trouble logging in to your MINDBODY Online account, first try using the “forgot password” and “forgot username” links. If you still cannot log in to your account, contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com.

When is my credit card charged? (see also: Late Cancel/ No Show Policy)
For standard purchases, your card will be charged immediately. Please allow 1-3 business days for charges to appear on your credit card statement.

If you are enrolled in an auto-pay membership or payment plan, your card will be charged on the same day (you choose upon enrolling) each month.

If you cancel your class reservation with in the late cancellation window or no show, your card will be charged the appropriate late cancel/ no show fee.

What is the policy on Late Cancels or No Shows?
If you cannot attend your scheduled class, please cancel your reservation at least three (3) hours in advance. If you cancel less than 3 hours in advance, the credit card on file in your MINDBODY Online account will be charged a fee of $10. If you do not cancel your reservation in advance, you will be charged a no show fee of $25.

Note: For all classes starting 5:30am and earlier there’s an 8 hour cancellation policy.

When can I cancel my auto-pay?
 Once contractual terms have been met, we require a 30 day written notice for cancellation. For more on memberships, contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com


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What are the classes like?
Our classes offer a fun, circuit-style workout for all fitness levels. Our instructors are trained to work with a variety of clients and are there to offer you a safe, high energy class where you can reach your personal goals. Instructors design classes to provide a full-body workout that includes metabolic conditioning and strength training. Bootcamp classes generally run for one hour with time for sign ins and an exercise demo at the beginning of class. Please plan to arrive on time so you know what the class format and exercises will be.

What should I bring with me to class?
Please have clean sneakers, water, and a towel for sweat. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. If you would like to purchase merchandise on site, please bring a check or exact cash. We can also charge the credit card on file in your MINDBODY account!

How far in advance should I sign up for classes?
You can register for class up to one week in advance!

What happens if I am put on a waitlist?
If you are put on a waitlist, you will be notified via text or email (based on your preferred profile settings) if you get into the class. The majority of the time, our waitlists move all the way through and you will end up getting into the class. If you can no longer make a class you have waitlisted yourself for, be sure to remove yourself to avoid additional fees, as the late cancel and no show policies apply.

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Where can I get more info on Nutrition Programs?
You can check out all of our nutrition programs at https://the-fitness-asylum.mykajabi.com

What if you are not local, or live out of state?
We offer an assortment of nutrition programs and virtual workouts, that can be done from anywhere! We have had people successfully participate from all over the United States and beyond. Please contact catherine@fitness-asylum.com for more information, or visit us at https://the-fitness-asylum.mykajabi.com

Who is a Member versus a Non Member?
Member status is for anyone with an auto-pay Membership Option (3 months or 12 months) or a Year Paid in Full membership.

How do I become a member and get MEMBER pricing?
Super easy – go to the Work Out with Us page and select which option works best for you: www.fitness-asylum.com/bootcamps – if you need further guidance, reach out to catherine@fitness-asylum.com or call 508-826-5414

You must maintain an active membership for the duration of the program to be eligible for member pricing. Should you cancel your membership before the program end, you will be responsible for the difference for the non-member program price.

Does The Body Challenge come with classes?
Our Nutrition programs do not include classes. But if you enroll for a membership you will get discounted pricing on some of our nutrition programs.  Click here to learn more about working out with us!

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