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Welcome to The Fitness Asylum Bootcamp!

Bootcamps are available for purchase all year long.

Our Bootcamp is 40 – 45 minutes of work time done in 30 second stations, circuit style. There is an instructor at every class who will help with form and safety, and push you if and when you need it.

These metabolic Bootcamp classes have several formats that follow a 30 second interval (all which combine strength and cardio) and you will find that every workout is slightly different so you never get bored, and your body will continue to be challenged (= results).

Exercises can include all variations of squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, kettlebell swings, battle ropes, slam ball throws, and much more.

Check out our Specialty Classes for other types of classes like Boxing, Kettlebells, Strikefit and many others.

All levels welcome, please go at your own pace.

You can attend any Bootcamp class on the schedule at any location.


Come try out our bootcamps with this 2 Week Special – 3 bootcamps for $29 (normally $20 per class)

3 Bootcamps
2 Week Special
for $29



One Year Auto Renewal Contract ($99 per month):
Looking to save money? We have Unlimited Bootcamps for $99 per month on a one year auto pay agreement. It activates upon purchase and is drafted from the account the same day every month for 12 months.
This is a one year agreement. You will need a doctors note and a 30 day notice should you need to cancel.
1 Year Auto Renewal
One Year Unlimited (payment upfront):
Want your Unlimited Bootcamps at an even more discounted rate? Sign up for 12 months at $1089.
1 Year Unlimited
3 Months Unlimited:
3-Month unlimited Bootcamps for $387. Activates upon purchase.
Buy 3 Month Unlimited
One Month Unlimited:
Unlimited Bootcamps give you the option of over 60 Bootcamps a week (even more when Hudson opens) for $129. Sign up any time. Activates upon purchase.
Buy 1 Month Unlimited
Students Unlimited:
Student One Month Unlimited Special – $69/month.
* This pass is for students 12-23 years old
* Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent during class.
* Students 18-23 will be required to present Student ID at class
* This pass is valid for Bootcamp Classes Only
No refunds, transfers, freezes or date changes please.
Buy 1 Month Student Unlimited

Bootcamp class schedule:

Our schedule will have over 90 Bootcamp class days and times to pick from, if you check out our current schedule on the web site you can see our Bootcamps listed as BCBC.
(Body Challenge Boot Camp) We will plan to add more as needed. The $5 Bootcamp packages are ONLY available if you are in The Body Challenge or Bootcamp Only program.

If you are new to The Fitness Asylum, please fill out the Online Waiver prior to your class.