6 Week Holiday Challenge | The Fitness Asylum

6 Week Holiday Challenge

You Don’t Have To GAIN Weigh this Holiday Season!

Our 6 Week HOLIDAY Body Challenge is OPEN to ALL – all fitness levels, people NEW to The Fitness Asylum – your friends, family – EVERYONE! (ages 14 and up).

It is the perfect way to see what we are all about and keep the STRESS and WEIGHT in check during this busy time of year.

Whether you are looking to LOSE weight, maintain your weight or maintain a current loss – this program is FOR YOU!*


  • 6 weeks UNLIMITED Bootcamps
  • Sunday December 4th – Friday January 13th
  • Early Bird rate $109 if paid by Sunday 11/20 (after 11/20 $139; after 12/6 $159 if space remains)
  • No prorated amounts offered.

There is an OPTIONAL weigh in component:

– You can weigh in at any BOOTCAMP that you take. You may weigh in as often as you like.
– There is no food journal required.
– There is no special nutrition programming (that will be available for our 12 week Body Challenge Kicking off 1/14/2017)

If you LOSE weight or MAINTAIN your weight you can enter your name in our raffle.
The more you weigh in, the more chances you get to win one of our raffle prizes.

If you GAIN weight at any weigh in, you will put $1 for every lb in a box that will go to The Food Bank. The Fitness Asylum will match all contributions to the Food Bank.
Last year we donated $600 to No Kid Hungry.

This weigh in component is completely optional but we found it a very good tool to keep the holiday creep at bay.

We have PRIZES!:

We are giving away free specialty classes for 3 winners (yes potentially you could win 3 times!).
Win any 8 week class of your choice (value up to $109).

And we will have 1 overall WINNER; the person who loses the most weight in pounds will receive $109 (so basically the enrollment fee back!).

Sign up!

Bootcamp Locations and Signups:

You will need to sign up for your Bootcamp classes using Mind Body Online.
We have @ 60 Bootcamp days and times to choose from. At our two locations:

The addresses:
1: 56 Summer Street, Shrewsbury
2: 2) 65 Shrewsbury Street (RT 140) Boylston

If you have any questions please email: bonnie@fitness-asylum.com